[Medical White Paper] Coughing Cured in Adults and Children Via-telemedicine ~ Yes, Actually Instantly & Permanently Cured Via a Simple Telemedicine Call!

Dennis Buettner
12 min readApr 4, 2022


By Dennis and Bethany Buettner

Refractory Unexplained Chronic Cough (RUCC) Diagnosed as the Habit Cough Syndrome Can Be Instantly & Permanently Cured in Minutes ~ or Even Seconds, In Children and Adults ~ Simply by Watching a peer reviewed and published YouTube Documentary Video (or via Telemedicine)

Peer Reviewed and Published Accidental Medical Discovery by Dr. Miles Weinberger, MD, University of Iowa. All pertinent medical research has been peer reviewed and published since Hippocrates. (Not intended to be medical advice. Consult with your doctor for your medical concerns. There is no medical advice in this story.)

Video repository of Dr. Weinberger’s research HERE
Repository of Dr. Weinberger’s research

Fact: Cough is the #1 reason that Americans go to the doctor. There’s never been a cure — until now!

From AJMC: “There are no current FDA-approved pharmacologic treatments for chronic cough, resulting in a large, unmet need for patients.” — [No mention of an instant & permanent cure. If there was an instant and permanent cure for your cough, they would certainly reference it at AJMC.]

Cough cure fact: After hiding in plain sight for thousands of years, Dr. Miles Weinberger, MD, “unexpectedly” & “unintentionally” discovered & provides; at no cost, the first & only; (ever) peer reviewed, published, instant & permanent, cure for what is properly diagnosed since 1685 as “habit cough”.

Dr. Weinberger’s unique and brilliant medical paradigm changing cure is for habit cough diagnosed in children and adults, and is available via-telemedicine, by-proxy & in-office. His instant and permanent cure is non-pharmacological. (does not utilize drugs) It has been accepted and routinely referred for use by esteemed medical doctors at renowned worldwide medical centers.

The ecstatic doctors are astonished and mystified by so many instant and permanent cures of their most hopeless, helpless, forsaken, lost and desperate patients. Many doctors request Dr. Weinberger to provide his habit cough presentation to their pulmonology, asthma and immunology teams, as he has for decades. HERE. If it works so well for the worst and most violent, decades long refractory, unexplained, chronic coughs; just imagine what it can do for patients with less intensive, but lingering cough, who have never been properly diagnosed, or helped due to lack of treatment let alone a cure.

Fact: The only treatment (not a cure) for cough today, via the CDC/NIH is just honey & sugar. HERE! Nothing has changed for cough since the 8th century. (medieval times) It was sugar & honey then too!

Fact: Lingering, dry, unexplained, habitual, persistent, mystery, daytime (awake) cough; absent once asleep, which only returns once awake. From a 1694 medical textbook; printed in London, England — “… habitual cough, which often continues after the first Cough, which was caused by the Cold, is gone.”

The first-ever telemedicine cure for coughing; “accidently” discovered after only 40 years of passionate medical research at University of Iowa. Coughing ~ instantly & permanently cured via-telemedicine, in-office & by-proxy. This cough cure research website was conceived of, created, developed, edited, and is maintained by Mr. Dennis Buettner, Director of The Habit Cough Association™, from publicly available, peer reviewed & published manuscripts and information. It does not provide medical advice. It does NOT represent the views or opinions of Dr. Miles Weinberger, MD. Use of this research website is in accordance and agreement with our terms. and service agreement.

You’ve probably heard “treat,” “suppress,” & “… we’ll keep an eye on your cough.” You might have been prescribed and consumed an untold number of completely ineffective cough medications. Through this, and all the misdiagnoses, studies, tests and invasive procedures, you’ve been told alot of things, but more than likely never — ever — the word “cure” about your cough ~ until now. Dr. Miles Weinberger, MD, has been instantly & permanently curing unexplained cough around the world since 1991.

Welcome to the only “chronic cough cure” research website, for medical doctors & their patients.

Unless otherwise noted; all pertinent information contained herein has been peer reviewed and published in renowned medical journals, and/or on government websites for your validation. There is no cost or fee for any information available on this website. — Big cough cure news updates HERE.

The Most Unprecedented Telemedicine & Healthcare Paradigm Shift in Decades!

Coughing; Instantly and Permanently Cured in Adults and Children.

Finally ~ there are instant and permanent telemedicineCures of the Cough Without a Cause.” Cures are reported by renowned medical centers, esteemed doctors, adults with decades of “mystery cough”, & parents of children as young as 3, via-telemedicine, in-office, and by-proxy ~ everywhere in the world.

- Multiple languages available at no cost in the Cough Cure Video Library below. -

A permanent cure for cough was hiding in plain sight for millennia. ~ It has been discovered by Dr. MIles Weinberger, MD, the world renowned 40 year cough cure researcher from the University of Iowa.

Dr. Weinberger is the ONLY medical doctor in the world researching & teaching the instant & permanent cure for cough via-telemedicine, in-office and by-proxy; via YouTube in children and adults. His instant & permanent cough cure diagnosis, procedure & recovery has been peer reviewed & published since 1991, when he founded, and ran the walk-in cough clinic at The University of Iowa.

Now, you can hear the word, “cure” (in-office, via-telemedicine, or by-proxy) regarding your adult or child’s unexplained “cough without a cause” diagnosed as “habit cough” ~ everywhere in the world.

In the history of humankind, there has never been a permanent cure for coughing — until now!

Dr. Weinberger’s instant & permanent, unexplained cough cure is peer reviewed and published.

His “unexplained cough” cure is now available via-telemedicine, in-office & by-proxy.

It is now “routinely” and “typically” utilized worldwide, by doctors at major medical centers for their most hopeless, helpless, forsaken and lost child and adult patients, with awesome cures!

Dr. Miles Weinberger, MD, has requested that whether you are a doctor, parent or patient; please report the particulars of your diagnosis, instant & permanent cure, and recovery to him. HERE It greatly assists him and his research team and your doctors. It will allow for continued innovation to help diagnose, cure and provide recovery to other cough patients from around the world.

Dr. Miles Weinberger, MD, is the world renowned pediatric pulmonologist and cough cure medical researcher from University of Iowa. After only 40 years of research he has “accidently” discovered a brilliant paradigm shift in cough cure medicine. He has made his cure available, as his gift to the world’s hopeless, helpless and forsaken children & adults. Doctors at major medical centers around the world are awestruck at how instantly and effectively it cures their most dire cough patients.

Fact: “In the United States, cough is the most common complaint for which patients seek medical attention and is the second most common reason for a general medical examination, accounting for more than 26 million office visits annually.” & “… chronic cough is responsible for up to 38 percent of pulmonary outpatient visits.”Assessment and Management of Chronic Cough

In the history of medicine, and scientific research, there has never been “peer reviewed and published,” instant & permanent “Cures of the Cough Without a Cause;” in-office, via-telemedicine, & by-proxy. Until now, refractory, unexplained, chronic cough sufferers have been left hopeless, helpless, forsaken, lost, in despair, and desperate; having never heard the word, “cure”.

Patients suffer from non-stop coughing, for days, months, years, & yes, even decades, with no diagnosis or only misdiagnoses, but never talk of a cure. They contact Dr. Weinberger, and exclaim ~ “… just gone!”, “… cured!”, “… wow, I couldn’t believe what I was seeing!”, “… shocking!”, “… amazing!”, “… poof!”, “… off like a light switch!”, “… had I not filmed it; even I wouldn’t believe what I saw!”, “… cured in seconds!

This is a medical research website for peer reviewed and published diagnosis, cough cure, recovery & associated information. This is NOT a medical advice website. Communicate with YOUR doctors for medical advice. There are no costs, or fees on this website. We’ve welcomed numerous referrals from esteemed medical doctors & specialists, at renowned worldwide medical centers for instant & permanent cures of their trusting patient’s Cures of the Cough Without a Cause”. View them HERE.

Cough Research Information For Your Validation

For your validation, “Fact” links below are directed to “peer reviewed and published” documentation.

Note: A proper diagnosis by your trusted doctor should occur before any treatment is attempted.

Fact: Coughing is the number 1 reason that people in the USA go to the doctor; with no cure. HERE

Fact: Cough aerosol spreads virus, influenza, illness & disease. “Cured cough = no spread!” HERE

Fact: Here’s why you’ve never heard “cure”. “There are no current FDA-approved pharmacologic (drug utilization) treatments for chronic cough, resulting in a large, unmet need for patients.” HERE & “Unfortunately, the majority of therapies available are currently recommended based on historical practice rather than on scientific evidence.” Emily M. Ambizas, PharmD, MPH, BCGP HERE

Fact: Some people have refractory, idiopathic, medically unexplained chronic cough for weeks, months, years and even decades with no diagnosis, treatment; let alone mention of an instant & permanent cure. “Despite receiving specialty referrals and multiple prescriptions medications, nearly 40% of patients with an unexplained chronic cough are not given a proper diagnosis.” — AJMC Note: Dr. Weinberger’s diagnosis is simple: “… cough absent once asleep, only to return once awake.” HERE

Fact: Per “The Rotterdam Study” — 10% of adults over age 45 (200,000,000+/-) around the world suffer from chronic cough, and there has never been an instant & permanent cure; ever ~ until now! Special note: An untold number of children around the world suffer from daytime-only “mystery cough.” Note: Not every cough is a habit cough. Each patient should consult with their trusted doctor prior to treatment.

Fact: The only recommendations for cough in the 8th century (medieval times) was sugar & honey. The only recommendations today, via the CDC/NIH websites for the number 1 reason that people in the USA go to the doctor, [cough] are still sugar & honey. No mention of an instant & permanent “cure”.

Fact:Habitual,” or “habit cough” described in adults and children was discovered in medical textbooks printed at London, England circa 1685: viz. [namely] a violent dry Cough following her [adult female] day and night, unless when she was fallen asleep:…” & 1694 “… habitual cough, which often continues after the first Cough, which was caused by the Cold, is gone …”. Many adult and child patients report their daytime only (awake) “habit cough” has indeed remained ~ for months, years & even decades, after the cold that caused the cough is gone. Cured via Dr. Weinberger’s procedure.

Fact: Until now; in the history of humankind, and the science of medicine, there has never been peer reviewed and published, drug-free, instant & permanent cure for refractory, unexplained, chronic cough ~ absent once asleep ~ only to return once awake ~ via telemedicine, in-office & by-proxy. Cure map HERE.

Cough cure fact: After hiding in plain sight for thousands of years, Dr. Miles Weinberger, MD, discovered & provides the first & only; (ever) peer reviewed, published, instant & permanent, “habit cough” cure. His cure is for diagnosed children and adults via-telemedicine, by-proxy & in-office. His cure is non-pharmacological (does not utilize drugs) & has been accepted and routinely referred for use by esteemed medical doctors at renowned worldwide medical centers on a routine basis.

Dr. Weinberger states that “Recovery” HERE is the most important part of his procedure.

The video above is Dr. Weinberger’s peer reviewed and published instant and permanent cough cure research presentation, “Habit Cough Syndrome” (in children and adults). He has provided this inspiring presentation numerous times at the request of pulmonology teams and major medical centers in the USA and around the world. This presentation is a truncated version that is specific to diagnosis, cure and recovery from Habit Cough. It is easy to understand with some terrific video examples of Habit Cough and cures. His full version that he presented to the Children’s National Hospital is HERE. (The full Habit Cough cure documentary is located HERE.)

A seminal & brilliant paradigm shift in the future of curative medicine for chronic cough, now properly diagnosed as “habit cough” in children and adults ~ everywhere around the world.

The first and only instant & permanent, drug-free cure of the number 1 reason for doctor visits might easily be one of the greatest accidental discoveries, and paradigm shifts in the history of medicine.

NOTE: All relevant, referenced information on this no-cost medical research website has been peer reviewed and published numerous times since 1685. We ask that you independently validate and verify (IVV) these publications and information with your doctors and medical team via offsite links to government medical publication repositories — ResearchGate and PubMed.

Some relevant, referenced documents remain behind paywalls. We have created a local repository of these peer reviewed and published documents — HERE.

There is absolutely no cost or fees related to any of the telemedicine, in-office and by-proxy cough cure research on HabitCough.com. Your doctor (referral) might certainly charge you a fee.

Read this first: Paradigm shifting, curative telemedicine discovery from Dr. Miles Weinberger, MD, He easily diagnoses and permanently cures chronic cough via a simple telemedicine call. HERE.

Show your doctor his “Cures of the Cough without a Causereferral, and his cough cure research on ResearchGate. Dr. Weinberger provides his instant & permanent cough cure by-proxy as his gift to the hopeless, helpless and forsaken children and adults around the world.

NEWS! Special note: “Throat clearing is a very soft cough”. — Dr. Miles Weinberger, MD. HERE

NEWS! Madrid, Spain — 20 cures reported from Dr. José R Villa to Dr. Miles Weinberger. HERE

Dr. Weinberger’s procedure by-proxy and via telemedicine is trusted, and routinely referred to, by physicians, pulmonologists, and chronic cough specialists at major worldwide medical centers. When nothing else works, these doctors refer their helpless pediatric and adult patients HERE for their cure.

They have been instantly & permanently cured their relentless daytime, chronic cough. Habit cough in children and adults has been properly diagnosed since 1685. Now, it can be cured in minutes and ~ sometimes in mere seconds, simply by watching a peer reviewed and published YouTube documentary video and via telemedicine calls (Yes, watching the documentary is the actual peer reviewed and published cure. HERE Map of world instant & permanent cures HERE)

Coughing spreads virus, influenza, illness & disease. Cure the cough and you stop the spread.

NEWS! — Just peer reviewed & published — “Functional Respiratory Disorders in Children” HERE

NEWS! — Just published on YouTube — “Habit Cough Syndrome (Chronic cough cured in children and adults) “ HERE << The presentation most requested of Dr. Weinberger by renowned doctors.

NEWS! — Just peer reviewed & published (JACI — In Practice) — “Habit Cough in Adults” — HERE

NEWS! — Just published on MedicalResearch.com — “Clinical Pearl: Habit Cough in Children Cured With Brief Suggestion Therapy” — HERE

Doctors everywhere are ONLY “suppressing” or “treating” chronic cough — but not curing it. “There are currently no approved therapies for the treatment of refractory chronic cough (RCC) or unexplained chronic cough (UCC)”.

Currently translated and available everywhere around the world as seen HERE, at no cost or fee, in: English, Македонски, Español, Deutsche, Türk, 普通话.

“Over the years since then I’ve applied your methods [Dr. Weinberger’s procedure] many times with near universal success. I can’t tell you how many patients you’ve helped. Over the years I’ve also routinely advised my fellows to read your papers.” Cured! “…[the patient’s] incessant cough stopped within seconds”, [via a telemedicine visit] “… and her [mother’s] jaw dropped.” — NT, MD, FAAP, FCCP, D, ABSM, Associate Professor of Clinical Pediatrics Note: Normally the cure takes minutes. — This unsolicited email even startled Dr. Weinberger.



Dennis Buettner

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