[Medical White Paper] Adult & Child Cures of the Cough Without a Cause

Dennis Buettner
86 min readNov 19, 2020

Refractory Unexplained Chronic Cough (RUCC) Easily Diagnosed as the Habit Cough Syndrome Can Be Instantly & Permanently Cured in Minutes ~ or Even Seconds, In Children and Adults ~ Simply by Watching a YouTube Documentary Video (or via Telemedicine)

Video repository of Dr. Weinberger’s research HERE
Repository of Dr. Weinberger’s research

Peer Reviewed and Published Accidental Medical Discovery by Dr. Miles Weinberger, MD, University of Iowa. All pertinent medical research has been peer reviewed and published since Hippocrates. Post viral, dry cough was first described by Hippocrates around 450 BC. (Not intended to be medical advice. Consult with your doctor for your medical concerns. There is no medical advice in this story.)

By Dennis & Bethany Buettner

A daughter, daddy & doctor’s special mission to bring rural and medically underserved areas & populations of the world a repeatable, permanent, instant, non-pharmacologic cure and eradicate medically unexplained chronic cough (MUCC), diagnosed as Habit Cough since Hippocrates. This vicious & relentless chronic cough is present only during awake hours. These frequent, barking, post-viral coughs can linger for days, months, years, and even decades (in some) and are easily identified by their repetitiveness and absence once asleep. Habit Cough is instantly and permanently cured by watching a simple YouTube documentary video anywhere in the world — in the patient’s own language. Volunteer to translate into your language or dialect HERE.

Medical doctors, pulmonology and medical providers from renowned and esteemed medical centers from countries around the world, routinely refer their most dire, incurable child, adult & senior patients to HabitCough.com when all else fails.

This is one family’s amazing story of their daughter’s unexpected and unintended curefrom a vicious, repetitive, daytime only, chronic cough, diagnosed as Habit Cough by Dr. Miles Weinberger, MD. He instantly & permanently cured their sweet child via a simple Skype video call — when all diagnoses, medicine and procedures failed her. Her father filmed Bethany’s paradigm of miraculous, curative, non-pharmacologic cure, or nobody would have believed their story; not even him. Then, after Dr. Weinberger asked Bethany’s father to post the curative documentary video to YouTube, so many truly amazing, unexpected & unintended outcomes occurred. The world medical community, hopeless parents, children and adult patients soon took a pause as their chronic cough has ended “… instantly, cured, like turning off a light switch”. Then some really amazing things happened.

This is the full length documentary video of Bethany’s curative session with Dr. Miles Weinberger, MD. She was instantly, dramatically and permanently cured in minutes after 500,000 vicious, chronic “daytime only” coughs. Condensed documentary HERE.

“Unfortunately, the majority of [acute cough] therapies available are currently recommended based on historical practice rather than on scientific evidence.” — Emily M. Ambizas, PharmD, MPH, BCGP


The contents, observations, descriptions & opinions expressed in this family’s story are the authors only and not to be considered a diagnosis of disease or illness, treatment recommendations, or medical advice in any manner, fashion, or form. They are not the opinion or treatment diagnosis or recommendations of Dr. Weinberger in any manner, fashion or form. Utilize this information at your own will and risk and do not consider that it will provide diagnosis, relief, suppression, treatment or cure of any illness, virus, symptom or disease. The full disclaimer is located at the end of this publication. All information referenced in this article has been peer-reviewed and published as studies, manuscripts, papers, “point-counterpoint”, perspectives, and letters numerous times in the most esteemed medical journals, manuals and textbooks since 1685. Relevant external government links are provided for the reader’s verification and validation. Some external links might reference information located on subscription-based websites.

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The following non-paywall link is to a repository of Dr. Weinberger’s peer-reviewed and published medical science and research.

Until now, there has never in medical history been an instant and permanent cure for chronic cough — “by proxy” via a simple YouTube documentary video. (The Weinberger Procedure is also available via telemedicine.)

From: Dr. Miles Weinberger, MD’s seminal, peer-reviewed, and published manuscript: Diagnosis and management of chronic cough: similarities and differences between children and adults

“Cough is a natural process that protects the airway. Cough can occur spontaneously or voluntarily. It is considered chronic when it is present for longer than 4 weeks in children or 8 weeks in adults. In both, chronic cough causes patient distress and increased healthcare utilization. Etiologies of pediatric chronic cough include asthma, protracted bacterial bronchitis, tracheomalacia, habit cough, and various systemic disorders. While some diagnoses are identifiable by careful history alone, others require testing guided by specific pointers. Flexible fiberoptic bronchoscopy has been an important tool to identify etiologies of chronic cough that were not otherwise apparent. In adults, asthma and bronchitis are well-defined etiologies of chronic cough, but much chronic cough in adults is largely a conundrum. Reviews of adult chronic cough report that at least 40% of adults with chronic cough have no medical explanation.”

Click HERE to view all of the instant and permanent cures from Habit Cough all around the world.

Update: Dr. Weinberger has received numerous unsolicited reports of post-COVID-19 cough, AND cough cures. — Please report any post-viral, COVID-19 / SARS-CoV-2 / Coronavirus coughs, & any cough cures utilizing Dr. Weinberger’s submission form HERE.

“Chronic cough is a horribly unpleasant ailment. People can find themselves coughing hundreds of times every hour of their waking lives, for years on end, and current medicines simply aren’t effective at relieving this condition.” [Let alone providing an instant and permanent cure. — Editor]- Professor Stuart Mazzone, via EurekAlert, The Good Cough and the Bad Cough

Update: Special Post Covid-19-Associated Acute & Chronic Habit Cough Information

“Cough is one of the most common presenting symptoms of COVID-19, along with fever and loss of taste and smell. Cough can persist for weeks or months after SARS-CoV-2 infection, often accompanied by chronic fatigue, cognitive impairment, dyspnoea, or pain — a collection of long-term effects referred to as the post-COVID syndrome or long COVID.” & “Many reports have now described post-COVID symptoms and show that cough can persist for weeks and months after SARS-CoV-2 infection in some patients, with differing severity of acute symptoms.” — Confronting COVID-19-associated cough and the post-COVID syndrome — from The Lancet Respiratory Medicine

“The initial cause of the Habit Cough is commonly symptoms consistent with a viral respiratory infection. When the symptoms caused in children [and adults] were initiated from Covid-19, the subsequent Habit Cough did not appear to differ from that initiated by other common cold viruses. & There doesn’t seem to be anything special about the Corona related [cough]. It’s a viral respiratory infection that symptomatically for children and even for immunized adults, it’s clinically a viral respiratory infection.” — Dr. Miles Weinberger, MD.

“Chronic cough is a symptom that may have many etiologies, and only your doctor can diagnose and provide you with treatment.” — Miles Weinberger, MD, 50 year chronic cough cure researcher

Medically Unexplained Chronic Cough diagnosed as Habit Cough is instantly and permanently cured.

Dr. Miles Weinberger, MD, cures unexplained daytime only chronic cough in children and adults, diagnosed as Habit Cough, memorialized in his peer-reviewed and published letter: Unexpected and unintended cure of habit cough by proxy [by watching a YouTube documentary video] Published: August 22, 2019; HERE

Important note: Permanent “cure” or “cessation” and temporary “antitussive” or “suppressive treatment” are not the same things.

Dr. Miles Weinberger, MD provided Dennis and Jennifer’s daughter with a peer-reviewed and published, permanent “cure” (cessation) via a Skype video call! Like their other doctors, your medical doctor might provide diagnosis, evaluation and treatment for cough with no benefit on the assumption that the cough is one of the common types. Temporary, antitussive or suppressive “treatment” or “therapy” does not provide benefit for the habit cough, but not an instant & permanent “cure”.

Coronavirus (COVID-19) statement: There is currently no peer-reviewed and published information regarding Habit Cough and The Weinberger Procedure by-proxy, or via telemedicine, with regard to Coronavirus (COVID-19).


This wonderful story about Dr. Weinberger, “Habit Cough: An Unusual Form of Chronic Cough That Can be Cured Over Zoom” was just published at PatientWorthy.com. “Patient Worthy® is an online publication that provides relevant information to rare disease patients, caregivers and advocates alike.” — PatientWorthy.com

Everyone coughs, but, until now, there has never been a repeatable, peer reviewed and published, permanent cure by-proxy, or via telemedicine:

“In the United States, cough is the most common complaint for which patients seek medical attention and is the second most common reason for a general medical examination, accounting for more than 26 million office visits annually.” Diagnosis is essential for effective treatment. — Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (US); 2013 Jan.

Preparing for a New Era in Chronic Cough Management: “Cough is the most common reason for primary care visits,

with up to 85% receiving prescriptions for treatment. Despite these high prescribing rates, the majority of patients report no symptom improvement. For example, it is reported that almost 60% of patients receive codeine-containing antitussives; 45%, proton pump inhibitors; 26%, antidepressants; 15.5%, antianxiety medications; and 13.9%, neuromodulators, such as gabapentin. An average of $3266 is attributed to annual medical costs per patient (including prescription medications, office visits, and hospitalizations). Emergency department visits and hospital utilization due to negative sequelae of continued coughing also contribute to the increased cost of managing chronic cough. Even annual costs for over-the-counter (OTC) antitussives, which only temporarily suppr3ss symptoms, are estimated at as high as $1 billion to $3.5 billion.” — The American Journal of Managed Care

This story is about one family’s refractory, medically unexplained acute and chronic cough diagnosis, cure, and the aftermath that changed modern medicine all around the world in a time of great need.

Their daughter, Bethany’s misdiagnosed acute and chronic cough was finally & properly diagnosed as Habit Cough [Habitual Cough] first noted in 1685. Their family found a peer-reviewed & published, replicable, drug-free cure for this debilitating acute & chronic cough — simply by watching a Skype video call from over 2,500 miles away. Habit Cough is characterized as a medically unexplained, non-stop, daytime, awake hours, refractory, barking cough. It can linger (sometimes referred to as a post-viral cough) for days, weeks, months, years, or even decades in some. Habit Cough is a medically unexplained acute or chronic cough. It is a refractory, repetitive, barking cough which is absent once asleep, even though it might be difficult for the patient to fall asleep; only to return once awake in the morning. (Note: Each patient needs a proper diagnosis from their doctor anywhere in the world before any treatment.)

“Watching Dr. Weinberger instantly & permanently cure our forsaken daughter on Skype was like witnessing the discovery of penicillin — and filming it! Now, to be cured, all that children and adults need to do is watch a YouTube documentary video.” — Dennis

Dennis and Jennifer Buettner

witnessed their 12-year-old daughter, Bethany, being instantly and permanently cured from a vicious and relentless, medically unexplained chronic cough. A renowned medical doctor and cough researcher cured her on a Skype video call. Dennis happened to filmed the cure, or not even he would believe what he saw. This instant and permanent cure “by-proxy” and via telemedicine, has never happened before in medical history. Now, her filmed cure via telemedicine (and now by-proxy) has created an unexpected and unintended new paradigm for the conundrum of acute and chronic cough in children and adults.

Life Giver Podcast link HERE Listen to Bethany’s father, Dennis in a very special, emotional and informational interview by Corie Weathers on her Life Giver Podcast. Her son, Jackson, was instantly and permanently cured from a 4 year horror cough battle. He simply watched Dr. Weinberger’s YouTube documentary video with Bethany and viola!, his mystery cough stopped in mere minutes.When it returned in a new occurrence months later, he was able to instantly stop it.

This is what Corie writes on her website about her interview with Bethany’s father, Dennis, and the miracle cure by Dr. Miles Weinberger, MD.:

“What if I told you I found the cure for the common cough? Well, it actually wasn’t me, but after our son fought an “Asthmatic cough” for four years we finally came across Dr. Weinberger and the “Habit Cough”. Joining me for this episode is Dennis Buettner, a Cough Research Director for Dr. Miles Weinberger, MD. and a veteran that works with NASA. Dennis’s daughter Bethany went through the same thing our son did- coughing up to 5,000 times a day with no answers. Like many of you out there who are trying to find answers, both of our families went through endless doctors, diagnoses, and medications before doctors finally threw up their hands with nothing left to offer.

Dennis finally stumbled on some research about a pulmonologist who found the cure for the cough through suggestive therapy- teaching kids to be attentive to their bodies and stopping the cough in as little as 10 minutes! Bethany was able to stop her cough, so was our son, and now Dennis is spreading the word about how if you or someone you know can answer one question of his- you can stop the cough too.

Seriously, Dr Weinberger has changed our lives. More importantly, he gave my son back his.” — Corie Weathers


More than 14 hours per day, for 89 days,

their sweet Bethany suffered from 5,000+ “daytime only” medically unexplained, chronic, barking coughs that just wouldn’t stop. Then, while filming her unusual “autosuggestion” treatment from a retired medical doctor, pediatric pulmonologist & cough researcher, who is a board-certified allergist, from San Diego, California via a Skype video call, “… she was instantly and permanently cured. Her coughing just stopped, like turning off a switch!”

Addressing the Unmet Needs of Patients With Chronic Cough

Millions of people in the US and around the world suffer needlessly from repetitive, medically unexplained, chronic cough.

“There are currently no FDA-approved agents for the treatment of chronic cough. Hence, there is a considerable unmet need for effective, safe, and non-sedating medications for the treatment of RCC and UCC."

-The American Journal of Managed Care (AJMC)

We don’t know how many are this mysterious and refractory habit cough that can continue unabated for weeks, months, years, and even decades, with no proper diagnosis or effective treatment; let alone a permanent cure.

We don’t know how many are this mysterious and refractory habit cough that can continue unabated for weeks, months, years, and even decades, with no proper diagnosis or effective treatment; let alone a permanent cure.

As with an untold number of children and adults around the world, then twelve-year-old, ​Bethany suffered from unexplained, relentless, “daytime only”, repetitive, “acute cough” that was escalated to “chronic cough” after a seemingly arbitrary time of 4 weeks for children (8 weeks for adults).​

No pediatrician, pediatric pulmonologist, or other specialist could diagnose, treat, or let alone cure her vicious, daytime, chronic cough. Absolutely nothing could make Bethany’s horror cough stop — or even diminish its intensity or frequency. Her parents felt hopeless, helpless, and forsaken for their sweet child. With zero information and absolutely no answers, they believed that “… Bethany must be the only person with this mystery cough”. Little did they know that they were hardly alone.

Thankfully, Bethany never coughed once after she fell asleep,

even though achieving slumber was difficult.​ (This would be the single most valuable clue which led to the proper diagnosis and instant cure of Bethany and now so many other children and adults around the world.) ​Less than a minute after waking up however, she began her repetitive barking coughing 5,000+ times during her daytime for 14 hours a day, until she fell back asleep. This was her daily horror routine for more than 500,000 coughs over 87 days.

Then, on what started out as an ordinary day, the most amazing and completely unbelievable thing happened. In mere minutes, Bethany was instantly, permanently and “miraculously” cured. This left her parents, and now a grateful world shaking their collective heads in total amazement!

This is Bethany’s inconceivable cough diagnosis and cure story.

It has also become the story of the amazing cessation of cough in children and adults around the world. They too have been permanently cured from their vicious acute & chronic cough in an unexpected, unintended, and most unbelievable way. Bethany’s diagnosis and permanent cure are now peer-reviewed and published in numerous esteemed medical journals, since August 21, 2019.

Bethany, “Cure Patient One”

Bethany was to be known as Habit Cough “cure patient one”. She is the first person in medical history, anywhere in the world to ever be permanently cured of a daytime only, refractory, unexplained, acute & chronic cough, by-proxy — and by telemedicine via a Skype video call.

Bethany was permanently cured of her chronic “Habit Cough” in less than 20 minutes by Dr. Miles Weinberger, MD, a 50-year pediatric pulmonologist, board-certified allergist and cough researcher. Bethany’s daddy filmed her being cured, or not even he would believe what happened. Nobody would ever imagine or believe what came next. The world medical community soon took a pause, as it would change modern medicine forever. (more on the instant & permanent cure later)

Bethany is now on a rescue mission

to stop her same chronic cough in hopeless, helpless, and forsaken children and adults around the world. She learned that, uncured, they can spread cough-generated aerosol of the influenza virus and disease 14 hours per day.

Would the cure work for habit cough in every language and in every country? She hoped it would cure other forsaken and lost children & adults of the world from their mystery, daytime, chronic cough.

The slogan “Coughs and Sneezes Spread Diseases” was coined in the United States during the last great flu pandemic between 1918 and 1920 to highlight the role of coughs and sneezes in disseminating respiratory pathogens.

Flu fact: The CDC estimates over 330,000 deaths in the USA have occurred from seasonal flu since 2010. The WHO estimates “… up to 650,000 deaths [worldwide] annually (2017) are associated with respiratory diseases from seasonal influenza, according to new estimates by the United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (US-CDC), the World Health Organization and global health partners.”

Rural, Medically Underserved Areas/Populations & Health Professional Shortage Areas (HPSAs) — Maryland’s First Lady, Yumi Hogan was Born in Korea

Once cured from her cough, in early 2020, Bethany made two trips to Maryland’s State House in Annapolis. Twelve-year-old medical researcher, Bethany brought her science fair poster and daddy along for a special mission. It was her mission for the children of Korea and the world.

She wanted to stop so many coughing children and adults. She learned about other Rural and Medically Underserved Areas/Populations & Health Professional Shortage Areas (HPSAs) including villages and towns of the world in countries like Korea, USA, Canada, Turkey, China, Russia, India, North Macedonia, Philippines, and more. Rural and Medically Underserved Areas/Populations & Health Professional Shortage Area (HPSA) health was almost nonexistent in these areas, and this type of daytime chronic cough was often poorly treated with no permanent cure; only suppression.

Cure the cough and stop the spread of cough aerosol spray droplets around the world.

Click HERE to become a PATREON. The world will thank you.

For her father, Dennis, a US Navy combat veteran and 30+ year space industry professional, perfectly organized, timed and executed missions are nothing new. They are his life, and his fight song. To him, it’s all “about the mission”. His wonderful wife Jennifer completely understands. She knows that passion for mission success drives him.

For Bethany, it was “game on”, and nothing was going to stop her from completing her first live mission. Until now, her pre-teen strategies, tactics & missions were only brought to fruition online, playing Minecraft and Roblox. This time her mission is real.

Cough cure mission: day 1

It was a cold, and windy 36 degrees; even in the bright Annapolis morning sun. Bethany knew what she had to do. Her worldwide mission was one of mercy, hope, and a cure. It was not a cure for influenza that she was after, but a cure for the daytime, repetitive, barking, acute & chronic cough.

As part of her science fair research project, Bethany learned about cough-generated aerosol for her science fair project when her dad sprayed aerosol cooking oil in front of a bright ceiling light. Dr. Weinberger had explained to her that humans are an efficient cough aerosol spray device. She learned that an infected person coughing during the day would create an aerosol spray of virus droplets; walk 10 feet and cough the aerosol spray droplets again. The child or adult can repeat the cough aerosol spray every day for 14 or more hours while awake. This is one way that deadly viruses, and in this case, seasonal influenza aerosol virus droplets can be efficiently spread.

Bethany had seen a news story that spoke of, and showed scared children and parents coughing in Korea. She searched on Google to see if there were any famous Korean Americans who live in Maryland. She hoped that they could help her translate Dr. Weinberger’s procedure into Korean for all the children, mommies & daddies, and old people.

As it turns out, Mrs. Yumi Hogan, is the first Korean, Asian-American first lady in the history of Maryland. She was born and raised on a chicken farm near Seoul, Korea. Bethany knew if she could meet Mrs. Hogan and explain her science fair project and plan for mitigating and containing the cough-generated aerosol, she would want to help. She could translate The Weinberger Procedure into Korean.

Unfortunately, when Bethany bravely and boldly rang the doorbell at the Governor’s Mansion, the Maryland State Police security detail told her that Mrs. Hogan had just departed for a trip. She missed her by 5 minutes. So now, she and her daddy crossed the street to the Maryland State House. She held up her science poster for politicians to see.

May I speak to the governor, please?

Bethany had researched, documented, and updated her medical research poster in November and December 2019 when the world’s biggest concern was cough-generated aerosol droplet spray of seasonal influenza. Her scientific hypothesis was, “… if you cure the daytime cough, can you stop the spread of cough-generated aerosol from influenza virus?”

Bethany wondered if the seasonal influenza cough-generated aerosol droplets could be stopped by curing the associated daytime chronic cough that she had. When asked, Dr. Weinberger simply repeated his diagnosis, “The repetitive [acute or chronic] barking cough that is not present once the patient is asleep is the diagnostic criteria for the habit cough.” (The diagnosis would be up to their doctors.) The habit cough frequency in adults is not known; it is about 4% of chronic cough in children.

All she needed to do is show Governor Larry Hogan her science fair poster. It explains how people might mitigate and contain influenza by curing the diagnosed acute chronic cough that influenza patients report. She received 70 out of 75 points for the project. Bethany knew if she could meet the Governor and tell him about it, she would certainly get the other 5 points, but it wasn’t meant to be.

“Hello, Mr. Policeman! … I’m protesting the seasonal flu and cough aerosol spray! May I speak to the Governor please?” said Bethany, shyly, to the really nice, but now confused policeman who asked what she was protesting at the Maryland State House in Annapolis, Maryland. He was amazed when she explained to him her awesome medical research poster.

Here she is at the Maryland State House, and nobody would look at Bethany in her eyes. They just kept walking. None of the politicians wanted to talk with her about a mitigation and containment plan for seasonal influenza. They all seemed too busy trying to figure out how to mitigate and contain the Coronavirus which was just beginning to enter Maryland. Unfortunately, some of the politicians scolded her, “… get away from me!” and “… don’t come near me!”, “… don’t touch me!” (Dennis gave them a rudeness pass this time, because of the Coronavirus. Maryland’s seasonal flu was still on the other side of the world.)

The way Bethany was treated by these “important people” in response to a plea for a mitigation and containment plan from Governor Hogan made Dennis think of George Whitman. “We’ve had 30,000 people sleep in the bookshop,” Whitman said, adding that it was one way the shop founders encouraged writers to be creative. Indeed, the motto on the shop wall reads: “Be not inhospitable to strangers lest they be angels in disguise.”

The response of these “important people” (as Bethany called them) made her sad, but only for a moment. They might, however, want to be more courteous and considerate next time. The little girl with the science fair, medical research poster they disparaged and disregarded might just be that “angel in disguise,” who possesses a worldwide mitigation and containment plan for a seasonal influenza and virus outbreaks that could affect Maryland and the world.

Bethany, giving it her best “girl power” at a “One Girl Science Fair”, (with a tummy ache) in the basement café of the Maryland State House in Annapolis.

On another one of her blistering cold trips to Annapolis, she was permitted to have a “one girl science fair” in the basement coffee and snack café of the Maryland State House. She spoke to a couple of people including someone’s assistant’s assistant, but none took any interest. Governor Larry Hogan was nowhere in sight.

Instead of feeling dejected, she stood headstrong, and said, “… daddy, what do we do next?” Her father was very proud. After they knocked on the door of 10 offices at “lobbyist row” with no luck, they were done for the day. Nobody wanted to hear about the chronic cough cure from her science fair project. The Coronavirus was making all the news. It was cold and Bethany’s tummy hurt. They had breakfast at Chick & Ruth’s Delly, where politicians and reporters routinely ate their meals. They saw none and called it a day.

She just hopped over her first “roadblock” and was on to the next mission. Dennis explained to Bethany that each completed mission was a successful puzzle piece. He told her, “It is hard to fail, but it is worse never to have tried to succeed.” Theodore Roosevelt.

Bethany and her father would talk about their experiences and what they learned to make the next mission better.

This journey bonded them and strengthened Bethany’s resolve. She was cognizant of, and reminded her daddy about all the children from around the world who were permanently cured and now recovering from Habit Cough that she would Skype. Her continued research included motivating video calls with recovering children, parents and adults in New Jersey, Alabama, Illinois, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Maryland, Canada, England, Saudi Arabia, North Macedonia & more.

This “peer counseling” research and outreach

was Dr. Weinberger’s brilliant request for Bethany. It’s a satisfying feeling and gives her the strength to carry on with Dr. Weinberger’s message of achieving a “cough ZERO” Habit Cough recovery. Dr. Weinberger likes to proudly note that Bethany now has her own worldwide fan club of recovering and cured children and adults who are always excited to see and talk with her by video. Bethany says, “… the children and adults are always excited to see and talk with me. It is very humbling. I am just as excited to communicate with them.”

Over the next months of continued research,

Bethany would help her daddy find email addresses and phone numbers of politicians, The Pentagon, The White House, doctors, television, and newspaper reporters — with no response. Her dogged determination is inspiring to so many cured children and adults around the world. She also continues to inspire a retired cough researcher and medical doctor named Dr. Miles Weinberger, MD, from San Diego.

Bethany recently told her mommy and daddy that

she wanted to travel to every teaching hospital around the world. (There are over 1,000 in the USA alone.) She wants to tell young doctors, nurses, researchers & pharmacists the story of how Dr. Weinberger cured her. She wants to use her story to inspire them about how his YouTube documentary video now cures forsaken children AND adults around the world from acute and chronic Habit Cough in multiple languages. Dr. Weinberger told Bethany that he wants to go with her and daddy.

Mystery cough number one. Bethany’s horror cough story starts. Why aren’t there any answers? When will it stop? Why will nobody say the word, “cure”?

When she awoke from a sound night of good sleep on November 13, 2018, Jennifer and Dennis’ 12-year-old daughter, Bethany began to present an acute, repetitive, daytime only, barking cough for no reason. It started with a single burst of 12–16 loud coughs. She had just recovered from pneumonia and the daytime cough lingered. It was, “… the cough that remained after the cold [virus] that caused the cough was cured.”

Bethany’s parents weren’t too concerned at first, but within hours, her cough frequency and intensity skyrocketed. With simple math, they determined that she was coughing 5,000+ times on the first day of her nightmare horror cough journey.

Now concerned, Dennis drove to his local full-service grocery story to talk with a pharmacist. First, Bethany was given every pharmacist recommended over-the-counter (OTC) cough medication that they could find, hoping for even the tiniest relief. He was meticulous in following the directions. There was no relief. They took her to the pediatrician and the first of more than 8 misdiagnoses occurred ~ and so began all the ineffective medicine and procedures. (This is all noted in her cough journey diary/chart located here.)

For almost 3 months of her “mystery, horror cough”, Bethany visited numerous doctors and specialists. She was such a perfect patient. So sweet and respectful. She never complained. She had negative x-rays. Her parents tried literally everything. They even checked the pH of her saliva. It was normal — and then every three minutes came a strafing of repetitive coughs. It scared everyone who heard it.

To every doctor, Dennis explained what he called a “sweet spot”. His term, “sweet spot”, was something or anything that they hoped would diminish her cough in even the slightest fashion. They hoped to replicate what resulted in a “sweet spot” for Bethany, if they ever found one. Without exaggeration, there was NO “sweet spot” at all — ever. There was just a relentless, non-stop barking cough all day with no end in sight (except when she soundly slept). Bethany never even received the unusual satisfaction of hawking up any phlegm.

Why won’t any doctor say the word, “cure”?

“For 14 hours a day; from the moment Bethany awoke, to the moment she fell asleep, it was like the sound of machine-gun fire with 12 to 16 cough bursts at a time,” said her father. Dennis and Jennifer began to worry when no pediatrician or specialist would EVER mention the word “cure” when they brought it up as a potential outcome. They would ask, “… what will finally cure her vicious cough?” Most certainly, each of the doctors and specialists would use words and phrases like, “treat”, “suppress”, “procedure”, “antitussive”, “we will watch it”, “let’s keep an eye on it”, but conspicuously and ominously absent from all of their responses was a single spoken or written word, “cure”.

Dennis felt like they were almost hiding something

by not using that word, “cure”, but what? Why? He would soon find out why they were all so elusive. He bluntly asked one doctor, “… yes or no, is there a cure for Bethany’s unexplained chronic cough?” The medical doctor leaned in, and reluctantly answered a hushed, “no”, with a shaking head. The doctor didn’t even have a name for it. This final and hushed, definitive, and dreaded answer was that none of the doctors had a cure for a, repetitive, daytime, barking, acute or chronic cough.

Certainly, their sweet and innocent child was not the only person in the world with this vicious and hideous, unnamed, mystery, “horror cough” that couldn’t be diagnosed, or cured; or maybe she was. Dennis and Jen felt hopeless, helpless, and forsaken for sweet Bethany. Their world was crashing around them.

Bethany was very sad. She said it would be OK if she became a “… chronic coughing, bedroom girl”; hiding from friends and family. Dennis told himself, “… no way; not gonna happen while I still have a breath in my body!”

Down the medical rabbit hole 10 hours per day. There has to be a cure; or at least a name!

With Bethany’s ominous pronouncement, it was, as Dennis heard in his Navy days, “… this is not a drill. All hands man your battle stations!” Dennis instantly and purposely became a passionate deep dive “medical researcher” with only two goals in mind. He has been a communications specialist, analyst, engineer, and researcher in his own right in the space industry, and in the US Navy for a combined 35+ years. Now it was all about finding the name of this hideous chronic cough and then onward to the cure. Somebody, somewhere had to know something. “There has to be a cure ~ right,” he asked Jennifer? She could only cry for her daughter. Only sleep could keep Dennis away from his next level of research, as he dove deeper and deeper on the Internet ~ or so he thought. He actually dreamt about researching Bethany’s mystery chronic cough, so even sleep couldn’t keep him away from his mission’s goals.

Everything comes to a screeching halt; because nothing else matters.

Dennis refers to himself as “cook”, “bottle washer” and “cashier” in all of his projects. He had just meticulously transformed their home into Internet City Studios, as each of his children desires to be a “YouTuber”.

Bethany had just begun production of her Happy Television YouTube channel after learning how to operate all of the cameras, video switchers, editing, and sound equipment. Three test episodes of Happy Television came out great, and were “in the can”.

Writing, producing, and starring on Happy Television was fun for Bethany, but now, production had to be postponed until her mystery coughing stopped. The only problem was, it wouldn’t stop. No doctor could even diagnose it. No medicine could treat it. No matter how deep he dived, there was still no mention of that single word, “cure” — anywhere. Why aren’t there any answers?

Production of Happy Television was halted indefinitely.


It was as if her little body had been taken over with vicious and reckless abandon. At least she had no bleeding of her throat, loss of voice, or loss of sleep. With no diagnosis, treatment, or cure, Dennis and Jen were dancing on the head of a pin for their sweet child’s health.

Because there were no answers,

Jennifer and Dennis could not let Bethany out of their sight. They placed a mattress on the floor of their bedroom for her and kept Bethany under constant audio and video surveillance. After coughing so much during the daytime, she was physically and emotionally exhausted by bedtime 14 hours later. Bethany’s twin and younger brother were told in no uncertain terms that they better not wake her up in the morning. They understood and were so wonderful. They were sad that Bethany was sad, because she couldn’t stop coughing.

They placed a mattress on the floor of their bedroom for her and kept Bethany under constant audio and video surveillance.

Throughout her horror cough experience,

Bethany could not even visit with her closest friends. Their parents worried that she was spreading virus or disease and could get their children sick. Dennis and Jen did their best to try and explain that Bethany was not sick. She only had a mystery cough. They kept her teachers, counselors, and principal informed. The counselors wanted her to come to school anyway. They had a difficult time understanding why she could not just come in for an hour or two. They did not understand her relentless, hellish nightmare. Even after the county school system provided Bethany with a wonderful “home hospital teacher”, they actually dispatched a truant officer to the family home. Shocking. Dennis and Jen just shook their heads in collective amazement. (They would soon shake their heads with a different kind of amazement ~ as would the world.)

Thank goodness Dennis had over 60 hours of video and audio of Bethany coughing if the truant officer came back. It helped once she was permanently cured and he used it for edits in her instant cure YouTube video for children and adults.

Jen and Dennis didn’t let Bethany know, but they were scared. They were really scared! They cried. They knew that if her throat blew out from the now almost 450,000 coughs, they would have no recourse. The doctors literally just shook their heads and said that maybe it will stop on its own, maybe it won’t, but they don’t know when or how. Still no sweet spot or mention of a cure; let alone a name.

Little did they know until later, many adults with unexplained daytime cough for years or decades later reported to Dr. Weinberger that they were resigned to live with their mystery daytime cough and they felt “… lost”. They actually described their lives (like Bethany’s) as “hopeless, helpless and forsaken”, until they were diagnosed and instantly & permanently cured by The Weinberger Procedure by-proxy YouTube documentary video. (Literally, just a YouTube documentary video filmed by Dennis on Jennifer’s Samsung Galaxy 8 cell phone.)

This type of medically unexplained chronic cough was identified by some in recent years as Cough Hypersensitivity Syndrome In 1685, it was recognized as Habitual Cough or as we say now, “Habit Cough”

Refractory, medically unexplained, “Chronic Cough” (CC) was first noted in 1737. Sixty years earlier, it was authoritatively known as “Habitual Cough” in a 1694 medical text book printed in London by Franciscus Mercurius for Sarah Howkins. Per Dr. Miles Weinberger, MD, in his recent peer-reviewed and published manuscript: Diagnosis and management of chronic cough: similarities and differences between children and adults “Interestingly, a publication in a book from 1694 described an “habitual cough which often continues after the first cough, which was caused by the cold [virus], is gone, from which….the habitual cough often proceed”. This 336-year-old description is like habit cough in children and intractable chronic cough consistent with habit cough in adults. Perpetuating after a viral respiratory infection, as apparently described in 1694, chronic cough may be some form of learned or neurogenic stimulation or damage initiated by the initial pathology.”

Bethany’s cough continued after her walking pneumonia was cured!

It would take another 335 years for Dr. Weinberger to instantly and permanently cure this chronic and acute, repetitive, Habit Cough by-proxy and via telemedicine. The instant cure via a telemedicine call was quite unintentional and completely unexpected, as he memorialized in his peer-reviewed and published manuscript on the subject: Unexpected and unintended cure of habit cough by proxy

No longer forsaken. End of the rabbit hole. Dr. Miles Weinberger, MD, a pediatric pulmonologist, and cough researcher from The University of Iowa Pediatric Allergy & Pulmonary Clinic to the rescue ~ for Bethany’s instant & permanent cure!

Before the Internet made the world of medicine and medical research a much smaller place, treatment of the worst cases of refractory chronic cough in children and adults was performed in pulmonary, otolaryngology, and neurology clinics around the USA and across the world. Well-intentioned but factitious diagnoses were common, and treatment was erratic. Consequently, there was rarely a permanent cure, so the patient and family were left to suffer with a daily cough that severely altered the quality of life.

The exception was those few physicians who would think outside of the box and approach a repetitive cough that was absent during sleep as a functional disorder, meaning there was no organic bases for cough. — One of those physicians was Miles Weinberger, a Board certified Allergist and Pediatric Pulmonologist who began and directed the Pediatric allergy and pulmonary clinic at the University of Iowa Hospital and Clinics from 1975 to 2015. Children with chronic cough were evaluated and those with physical disorders such as protracted bacterial bronchitis, asthma, bronchiectasis, and tracheomalacia were identified and effectively treated. For those children with no physical or organic cause of the cough, habit cough was identified and a simple behavioral method, suggestion therapy, stopped coughing in the clinic. Patients were taught to use the technique they learned in the clinic at home when needed; that was known as autosuggestion. The results were so amazing that doctors and specialists at renowned medical centers around the world “typically” and “routinely” refer their worst case scenarios to HabitCough.com to watch and be instantly and permanently cured from their intractable chronic cough.

From 1975 through 2015, Dr. Miles Weinberger, MD,

pediatric pulmonologist, immunologist, asthma, and cough researcher, operated his pediatric chronic cough clinic with great success and the cure of many children. He is now retired and living in California. He is continuing his cough research and is currently Visiting Professor of Pediatrics, University of California, San Diego as well as Professor Emeritus, University of Iowa.

Throughout his Pediatric Allergy & Pulmonary Clinic years, scared parents would arrive from around the country, with their children suffering from chronic cough for a chance to be seen by Dr. Weinberger or one of his colleagues, when all hope was lost. Most had already been seen by multiple physicians, been given various tests, and trials of medication, all without benefit. They would normally be seen for an hour. In that hour, the presentation of habit cough was sufficiently characteristic that the diagnosis was made, treatment by suggestion therapy was provided and the child would be cured, an average of 7 per year. The characteristics of habit cough that permitted almost instant diagnosis was the frequent repetitive cough that was absent once the child was asleep.

Identification and treatment by suggestion was first described by

Dr. Bernard A. Berman, MD, F.A.C.A, from Boston, Massachusetts (1924–1995), who, in 1966 published a manuscript called Habit Cough in Adolescent Children. It based on 6 children seen over 5 years, all with repetitive barking cough that was absent at night. All were cured by “the power of suggestion.“

Dr. Berman accomplished his non-pharmacologic, instant & permanent cures, utilizing “suggestive therapy” first discovered by Émile Coué de la Châtaigneraie, a French psychologist and pharmacist who introduced a popular method of psychotherapy and self-improvement based on optimistic autosuggestion.

Unfortunately, Dr. Berman passed away before Dr. Weinberger could meet him. Developing and utilizing his own variation of suggestion therapy, Dr. Weinberger normally cured the afflicted child during 15–30 minutes of their 1-hour visit. He says that curing so many children, so rapidly, and so completely, was “… very satisfying. He always believed and insisted that the “… recovery procedure was as important as the cure.

In 1991, Dr. Weinberger and his colleagues published a study called:

Outcome of habit cough in children treated with a brief session of suggestion therapy. It resulted in what could only be called an incredible outcome. It explained a diagnosis of Habit Cough defined as “a repetitive cough, not present while asleep”. The absence while asleep was the “sine qua non” for the diagnosis. While the cough itself was often characteristic, the cough was somewhat variable in presentation, so absence while asleep was considered an essential piece of information in making the diagnosis of Habit Cough.

“While the coughing was often stopped quickly during the suggestion therapy, the urge to cough could persist for days or weeks and the autosuggestion practice often had to continue. Children referred to the feeling they related to the general area of their throat as their tickle, spider, or just a feeling that precedes the cough. That feeling would gradually decrease as the child continued suppressing the cough until the inflammation that occurs from repeated coughing heals.” — Dr. Miles Weinberger, MD

Since the research team were all pediatric medical professionals,

there was little to no discussion of Habit Cough in adults. It was only after adults read The Daily Beast article about the doctor behind the ‘miraculous’ cure for nonstop coughs, numerous unsolicited reports of instant cures from decades long medically unexplained chronic cough began to pour in from adults around the world! All they did to replicate the instant cure was to watch the video on www.habitcough.com and apply the technique they had observed.

First photo of the perfect setup for an instant and permanent cure from months of habit cough.

“Austin is doing wonderful and hasn’t had a setback with that horrible cough . I still can’t believe how the start of one cough had led us on this journey . It’s amazing so many people have been cured and now they can hear it in different languages.” — Tracie K. Austin’s mom (Great mommying — ed.)

Cure? Yes, Cure! Cure! Cure! Cure!

Late one night in February 2019, Dennis was only a couple of keystrokes away from once again falling asleep at his laptop, mentally exhausted, and with no answers. He then happened upon a heretofore personally undiscovered 1991 study out of the University of Iowa and Royal Brompton Hospital in London, England. How did he miss this? (And this? He then found Dr. Weinberger’s more recent editor requested submission from Lung Journal HERE. He presented this brilliant paper presented at the 3rd American Cough Conference, New York, NY, June 10, 2011. It helped lead to a new paradigm of curative treatment for Habit Cough in children and adults “by-proxy” and via telemedicine.)

As Dennis scanned the intricate medical research, something was glaringly different about this study. Embedded in the text he found multiple instances of that single word that eluded him for so many days and nights ~ ”cure”. Could it be? Cure? He rubbed his eyes. He stood up and read each instance of the word aloud — LOUD! He had to hear himself say it. The word “cure” was prominently noted 4 times in Dr. Weinberger’s seminal1991 study. Cure! Cure! Cure! Cure! He stated, “… you could have knocked me over with a feather — cure!”

Dr. Weinberger was asked to publish a big Habit Cough story in Lung. HERE

“A cough-free period was reached generally within the first 10 min. The complete session was then over in about 15 min.” — Miles Weinberger, MD (Note: This is before he knew it cured adults.)

It was as if this peer-reviewed and published study from almost thirty years ago was written specifically about sweet Bethany. She was no longer the only one suffering so much. She was no longer alone. Other forsaken children came before her — and they were cured. (“… in about 15 min.”) What?

Yes, children were cured from what he could now call, “Habit Cough”. Dennis wondered, “… did Bethany actually have Habit Cough?”

Later the next day, he attempted to track down the study’s author,

Dr. Miles Weinberger, MD. for the first time. Bethany and her family’s lives, and soon the world would never be the same again. Dennis openly wept for joy! More questions entered his worried mind. Was the now-retired pediatric pulmonologist still practicing medicine? Would he respond to his old University of Iowa email address? Dennis noted that he was listed as “emeritus” at the University of Iowa, so maybe he would respond, when nobody else did. Was he even still alive?

It turns out that Dr. Weinberger was very much alive.

He had retired and was living in California. He was now Professor Emeritus of Pediatrics, University of Iowa, as well as Visiting Clinical Professor of Pediatrics, University of California, San Diego, Rady Children’s Hospital.

Bethany’s Habit Cough became more intense and horrifying when Dennis sent a ‘distress email’ to him with no hope of any response, let alone a diagnosis or even that word, “cure”. Ding! went his cellphone as if someone had sent him an email. It was actually Dr. Miles Weinberger! He responded within mere minutes. Dennis first thought it was an “auto-responder” because the reply was received so quickly. He pulled into a parking lot to read what it said. He was shocked that it was a precise and personal response from the man who would soon be their family and the world’s hero.

On Tuesday, February 5, 2019, Dr. Weinberger responded:


The important aspect is the diagnosis. The repetitive barking cough that is not present once the child [or adult] is asleep is the diagnostic criteria. While cough may interfere with falling to sleep, the cough gone once asleep is the diagnostic sine qua non for this peculiar disorder. [Bethany’s repetitive cough was her “daytime only” mystery cough; not present once asleep.]

The bottom line of this communication is that if Bethany is still coughing and she meets the criteria for the Habit Cough syndrome, then it is highly treatable and the coughing can be quickly stopped if appropriately treated.

If you would like to discuss this with me, feel free to call me at my office anytime today this afternoon or evening up to 9 p.m. PST.

Miles Weinberger, MD”

Dennis could not believe his eyes.

Dennis raced home. Tears poured down his face as he read the email aloud to Jennifer. She began to weep also. They were both in shock as he read aloud twice, “… if Bethany is still coughing and she meets the criteria for the Habit Cough syndrome, then it is highly treatable and the coughing can be quickly stopped if appropriately treated.”

Jennifer asked if “stopped” meant “cured”.

Dennis had not yet told Jennifer about the 1991 study and the word “cure”. She had been let down so many times before. All this happened so quickly now. Dennis calmly read Dr. Weinberger’s 1991 study aloud to Jennifer, accentuating the four instances of that word “cure” to her. He jumped up from his chair and shouted, “yes!” as if they had just won the lottery. They did.

They were quick to regroup and make sure that they had not set their hopes too high. A phone call between Dennis and Dr. Weinberger would solidify the potential for a cure. All he had to do (or so he thought) was to get himself and Bethany to Dr. Weinberger’s office in San Diego from their home in Maryland. No cost was too high. He added up all of his available cash & credit and, with the help of family, they could be ready to fly to San Diego in 24 hours. But Bethany’s airplane trip never happened. It wasn’t going to be necessary.

Dennis was almost in disbelief when he spoke to Dr. Weinberger

the night before what would become Bethany’s ‘miracle cure day. Dr. Weinberger stated, “… Dennis, answer me this — is Bethany’s repetitive, barking, cough absent once asleep, even if it might take her awhile to fall asleep.” Dennis responded in a very specific manner, “… yes, her repetitive, barking, cough is indeed absent once asleep.” He paused, and then continued, “… it returns with a relentless vengeance each morning within 15 seconds of awakening. She coughs for the next 14 hours of the day until once again she falls asleep — exhausted from horror coughing all day.”

This was all Dr. Weinberger needed to hear to solidify Bethany’s diagnosis of The Habit Cough Syndrome. (He had already reviewed her cough diary/chart that Dennis posted online.) Dr. Weinberger then stated that he could make her now diagnosed “Habit Cough” stop. Did he mean “cure”? “Stop” sounded hopeful, but his study stated “cure” 4 times! Was Dr. Weinberger hedging his bet? It did not matter. Dennis told him that Bethany and he were ready to be on the first flight to San Diego!

This is when Dr. Weinberger uttered what was absolutely the most absurd thing Dennis had ever heard in his life, bar none!

What he told Dennis shocked and confused him at first ~ but somehow he believed him. He had to believe. If not for this absurd statement from a 50-year pediatric pulmonologist and cough researcher, there was nothing left for their sweet, forsaken child.

Dennis thanked Dr. Weinberger and hung up the phone. When Dennis explained what was to happen, Jen just stood in front of him with her eyes open and her jaw dropped. She paused and whispered between a weeping and teary voice “… am I dreaming? Tell me again what he said.”

Dr. Weinberger had told Dennis in the most doctor-like, confident, and bold fashion, “There is no need to fly to San Diego. I have been researching and am confident that I can stop her Habit Cough by utilizing a Skype video call. It will be from my office in San Diego to your home in Maryland. I believe with almost 100% certainty, that my suggestion therapy session with Bethany will be completely effective. If it is not, then I will pay for your roundtrip flight and I will treat her in person here in San Diego, but it won’t be necessary.” But, did he say, “cure”?

So, after all that Bethany had suffered through, a retired pediatric pulmonologist & chronic cough researcher from San Diego stated that he will stop [cure?] Bethany’s “Habit Cough” via a Skype video call. Dennis and Jennifer believed wholeheartedly this would work. They were out of options. If it did, it would certainly be their family’s and Bethany’s ‘miracle’.

Bethany’s Skype suggestion therapy session with Dr. Weinberger

On Thursday, February 07, 2019,

Dennis coordinated Bethany’s Skype video call for that evening with Dr. Weinberger. (She had a local pediatric pulmonologist appointment scheduled for the next morning.)

Dr. Weinberger requested a completely quiet room. He said that Bethany needed to have a tall glass of body temperature water at the ready. He stated that mom and dad could be in the room, but not to distract Bethany in any manner.

As Bethany’s video session began, she had been coughing violently as this had become the norm at 7:30 PM. Mom and dad were hopeful, but for some reason, skepticism snuck in, but only for a couple of minutes.

Note: Dr. Weinberger likes to treat his patients when their Habit Cough is at its most vicious. For many, it is in the evening for no apparent reason.

Dr. Weinberger told Bethany that he might sound a little terse,

but he just wants to ensure that she concentrates on his every word. She understood. She knew he was friendly, as she had met and spoken with him briefly the night before via Skype. Only 3 minutes into the suggestion therapy session, it was shockingly obvious to Jen and Dennis, that Bethany’s mystery horror cough, now known as Habit Cough, was almost exponentially diminishing in intensity and the gap between coughs was rapidly increasing — as if by magic.

Fortunately, in an action that would forever change the future of curative medicine, Dennis picked up Jen’s new HD cellphone and began to film the suggestion therapy session. He knew that Bethany’s grandparents would never believe what they were witnessing. He certainly did not believe it either.

Five minutes into the session, Dr. Weinberger continued to instruct Bethany to hold back her cough. His melodic and suggestive banter included telling her to sip the water whenever she felt the tickle that preceded the cough. (not atop the cough) He also told her to hold back the cough to “… break the habit.”

Dr. Weinberger told Bethany,

“Now, for half a minute, you’re just thinking about if you feel anything, you’re not going to let yourself cough.
You’re going to hold your cough back even for just a few seconds.
Because remember, I told you that what’s making you cough is something that is bothering you in your throat.
But what’s causing the feeling is the cough.
This is a vicious cycle.
The cough is causing you to cough more.
It has that feeling like you have to cough.”

This pauseless, assertive, gentle and melodic banter of suggestive therapy went on for three, five, ten minutes, then fifteen, and about the time he got near twenty minutes, he made the most bizarre pronouncement after Bethany’s 500,000 vicious Habit Coughs.

Dr. Weinberger announced to Bethany, “OK, I think you can do it yourself for a while now; can’t you? You keep thinking by yourself. You keep control.”

Dennis said that throughout the suggestion therapy session he wanted to reach out to “help” Bethany. Mommy also wanted to “guide” her. Prior to the session, however, Dr. Weinberger told Bethany that, “… this is one thing that you have to do all by yourself. You are a big girl. Mommy and daddy cannot help you. You have to be strong and brave, to do it all by yourself, and then when you are done and have stopped coughing, they will be so proud of you. More important, Bethany, you will be proud of yourself.”

Was that it? What just happened? Was the doctor done? Her Habit Cough was completely cured!

No weekly auto-suggestion appointments? Just this one 25 minute session? No more caustic and worthless drug therapy? No more x-rays? No bronchoscopy? No antipsychotic drugs? No more invasions of her now frail and tired little body?

Thank goodness her mind was still strong. She did it! He did it! But what the heck just happened? It made no sense. (Little did Dennis and Jen know, but the best and most absurd occurrences were yet to come. When they witnessed and filmed Bethany’s cure they never thought it would shock and astound children, mothers, fathers and adult patients around the world. Every medical doctor and researcher would take pause and shake their collective heads in disbelief and amazement.)

Jennifer lay on the bed, curled into the fetal position trying not to cry out loud. Bethany came over and hugged her, telling mommy that she no longer had the urge to cough; and if she did, she knew what to do. Her cough wasn’t just temporarily suppressed or treated. She was cured; yes, instantly and permanently CURED! And Dennis filmed the whole unbelievable thing!

Note: It would take a couple of weeks for Bethany to achieve “cough zero”, as Dr. Weinberger noted that her throat needed to heal after 500,000+ vicious, Habit Coughs.

Dennis was in a complete blur after what he had just witnessed.

He kissed Bethany and whispered to her, “… good job baby”. He stepped onto the front porch, composed himself and was on the phone speaking with Dr. Weinberger in less than 2 minutes. He was numb. Through the wailing emotions he was now controlling, Dennis whispered, “… Dr. Weinberger, what the heck was that? You cured her Habit Cough! The coughing just stopped… like a bad habit.”

Dr. Weinberger replied that Bethany’s session was “… absolutely perfect”.

He stated that in all the children he treated at his walk-in cough clinic at The University of Iowa, he never had the audio-visual team film the instant cure via suggestion therapy, because he was concerned that the patient might be distracted and not cured. The parents had driven across the country, and their forsaken Habit Cough suffering child only had one hour with him. He couldn’t take a chance.

Without skipping a beat, and excited from the cure by proxy and validation of his Skype telemedicine procedure, the humble doctor from Iowa proudly announced that he was soon to be a keynote speaker at a pediatric pulmonology congress in Taiwan. His host asked if he had any video of a successful suggestion therapy session such as Bethany’s. Dr. Weinberger said that he did not. He only hoped one day to have a video of a session so perfect as Bethany’s.

Dennis interrupted and exclaimed, “… Dr. Weinberger, stop! I filmed the session and have studio-quality audio. I will edit your curative session into a documentary that you can play in Taiwan. Your colleagues will raise you on their shoulders and shout out your name!” Dr. Weinberger humbly said to Dennis, “… you would do that for me?” Dennis replied, “… you rescued our daughter! You cured her! Instantly! Nobody else in the world could do this for her. No doctor would even say the word, “cure” — except for you! Your colleagues need to see this. The world needs to know!”

Recovery update:

Bethany spent the next couple of weeks taking sips of water on the tickle that preceded her diminishing coughs as requested/required by Dr. Weinberger. She kept an open water bottle with her at all times and controlled her breathing. Her parents and siblings made Bethany’s water-sipping recovery into their own game. They would rapidly tell her, “tas” (take a sip). It worked. She immediately went from 5,000+ coughs per day to around 200, then 100, then down to 50, 20, and finally, what they called, “cough ZERO” on her mommy’s birthday! This all happened exactly how Dr. Weinberger said it would.

Bethany was permanently cured without medicine.

No side effects. No office visit or fees. No wait. No temporary antitussive. This was a permanent and most unbelievable and confusing cure. No doctor other than Dr. Weinberger would even hint at the word “cure”. He was so bold and confident — anything but arrogant. It was indeed quite satisfying — just like he said. Bethany’s repetitive, unexplained, cough was gone, and she was back to her best life.

This all happened, by-proxy, via a Skype telemedicine call. Bethany was, however, quite upset that she didn’t get to fly in an airplane to visit Dr. Weinberger. To this day, when Dennis tells the story, it ends with him shaking his head in disbelief. He starts the story with, “… what I am about to tell you will shock and amaze you. It is all peer-reviewed and published.”

Most people with any type of intellect, common sense, and logic would dismiss the assertion that a child with a vicious, mystery, chronic cough could be instantly and permanently cured. That the cure was drug-free, at no cost, and on a Skype video call with a doctor 2,500+ miles away had to be folly, or at least a bad joke.

Dennis and Jen would have dismissed Dr. Weinberger’s folly also, except their sweet 12-year-old daughter was coughing over 5,000+ times per day for 87 days. After 500,000 relentless and horrifying coughs, they were hopeless, helpless, and forsaken.

Dr. Miles Weinberger, MD, pediatric pulmonologist, immunologist, asthma, and cough researcher had truly discovered an unexpected and unintended cure for the non-stop daytime chronic cough “by-proxy”.

Link for document referenced in the video above HERE.

Hard to believe, but then something even more amazing happened that caused the world to take pause.

For the next 2 weeks, Dennis spent every waking hour working with Dr. Weinberger for the edit of the curative video for his trip to Taiwan. The edit came out perfect. It showed Bethany’s strength throughout her suffering. It displayed the confidence of the medical doctor and relentless chronic cough researcher who cured her. Dr. Weinberger had the final edit approval. He played the video for his colleagues at a pediatric pulmonology medical congress in Taiwan, and they were quite amazed.

Had Dennis not filmed this cure; nobody would ever believe him. Dennis states, “… had I not filmed our daughter’s cure, even I would not believe what I saw.” Then something big happened that would change the course of modern medicine everywhere in the world — and it happened with a YouTube documentary video. Yes, a YouTube documentary video to the shock and amazement of children, parents, adult patients and doctors around the world.

While Dennis was performing video edits, he and Bethany had a wonderful thought.

They called Dr. Weinberger and announced, “… Bethany and I are your biggest fans. We decided that because we are your biggest fans and you are the only doctor who cures children from mystery horror coughs, we have built you a fansite.” Dr. Weinberger was initially confused. Dennis continued, “Dr. Weinberger, if we were fans of Shaquille O’Neal or Brad Pitt, we would make them a fansite. We, however, are your biggest fans and unless you don’t want a fansite, Bethany and I have created HabitCough.com as a place where doctors and parents can read and print out your peer-reviewed documents to learn more about what we are calling, ‘The Weinberger Procedure’”. Dr. Weinberger had a call coming in and reminded them not to provide any medical advice and hung up. This request has been well heeded by this daughter and daddy team. With a wink and a smile to his cough-free daughter, Daddy said, “… girl power”. Bethany smiled.

Dr. Weinberger’s hope was that just one young medical doctor anywhere in the world might learn about what was now “The Weinberger Procedure”. Within days, crazy things happened that were completely unintended and unexpected. Once again, everyone was utterly shocked and amazed. The only thing is that it kept getting more shocking and more amazing almost every single day.

Caution. This video (above) is difficult to watch, but has a great ending!

Within days, parents were sending emails and videos about coughing children to HabitCough@Gmail.com. Their parents were like Jennifer and Dennis; hopeless, helpless, and their children were forsaken & lost. Some patients suffered from undiagnosed, relentless Habit Cough for over 5 long years (1,800+ days). Bethany was cured after only 89 days.

Each email described the same thing.

They found HabitCough.com or the YouTube documentary video by various means, including from their doctor. They determined that their child or they slept through the night and only coughed during the day (which is Dr. Weinberger’s diagnosis of acute or chronic Habit Cough). They watched Bethany’s video on their own, as a family, during the time when the cough was at its worst. They followed Dr. Weinberger’s directions to Bethany, as if they were sitting next to her. Literally, within minutes, the intensity of their Habit Cough decreased, and the interval between coughs increased. They were cured of their Habit Cough, in mere minutes, — simply by watching a YouTube video. All that was left was their recovery, as Dr. Weinberger stated. Each child who followed the recovery plan soon achieved, “Cough ZERO”, just as Dr. Weinberger said they would.


Over the following months, after school was canceled due to the Coronavirus, Bethany worked with her Daddy to have The Weinberger Procedure translated from English into Mandarin, Spanish, German, Turkish and Macedonian. All told, these 4 languages could provide the only completely free, drug-free, cough cure, by-proxy, and via telemedicine to over 2,500,000,000 people in their native language on YouTube! She asked her daddy how many poor children and adults, who didn’t have a doctor spoke these languages. Dennis told her, “… a lot more!” She said, “… daddy, we need The Weinberger Procedure in ALL of the languages of the world, and I am going to do it.” Daddy agreed. Girl power, indeed! Volunteer to translate into your language HERE. No experience needed. Your voice will cure children and adults for the next 50 years!

Newly married, Mrs. Evelyn Fisher,

translating The Weinberger Procedure into German for all the hopeless, helpless, and forsaken children and adults in Germany. It was her wedding gift to her husband. She translated it during her honeymoon at Bethany’s studio on Mother’s Day, 2020. Her new husband, Miles stated, “ … Evelyn told me that she was so happy to have a unique day like this when so many German children and adults will be rescued [cured] for the next 50 years.”

Note: Your medical provider might certainly charge for their services rendered (This is a decision between you and your doctor.). Communicate with them about any local costs. Tell them that all of Dr. Weinberger’s research is “peer-reviewed and published” Print it out. This is important. They will understand what “peer-reviewed and published” means. Utilizing The Weinberger Procedure does not imply or create a doctor/patient relationship between you and Dr. Miles Weinberger, MD.

After Bethany had achieved “cough ZERO”,

she was back to her best life with her family and friends. Her Habit Cough was long gone, “… in her rearview mirror”. Dr. Weinberger asked her if she would like to do peer counseling to the children who had been cured of their vicious cough.

She was so excited when she was able to do video calls with children from all over the USA, Canada, Europe, and the rest of the world. Dr. Weinberger correctly believed that Bethany had even the tiniest bit of YouTube fame. Even though the videos haven’t broken the million-view count, (yet) she had a following of children and adults who were always so excited to talk with her. Bethany laughed that she had a 60-person fan club. In the world of the Internet, this did not seem like a lot. Her 60-person fan club, however, was filled with formerly forsaken children, grateful parents, and amazed adults & doctors from around the world.

Panic! Months after Bethany was cured, a new cough appeared after an ear infection.

Everything was going great when something happened to Bethany and other children that once again caused Dr. Weinberger to take his latest pause to reexamine his 50 years of chronic cough research. Already, he had to pause and try to comprehend that The Weinberger Procedure by-proxy, and via telemedicine cures children AND adults with habit cough anywhere in the world — in any language; just by watching a YouTube documentary video.

Now comes the game-changer; out of nowhere. Dennis said, shaking his head, “… it’s hard to imagine that what happened next might just be exponentially bigger than a cure via telemedicine, and “by-proxy” for “chronic” refractory Habit Cough, but certainly, in my opinion, it is.”

As Dennis explained, Bethany’s Habit Cough was cured. Long gone.

But months later, to Jen and Dennis’ horror, it was back. This was not her old horror cough; it was a completely new occurrence. It has been noted HERE from 1694, that Habit Cough is “… the cough that remains after the cold [virus] that caused the cough has been cured”. Bethany had just recovered from another upper respiratory tract infection, (URTI) and a new and equally vicious occurrence of Habit Cough was BACK! Dennis and Jen knew it was Habit Cough, because she slept through the night only to begin coughing once awake.

Note: “Most children will develop at least six to eight colds a year. This number increases for children who attend daycare. Colds may occur less frequently after the age of 6”. — Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia

Cool and confident like a doctor should be.

Dennis called Dr. Weinberger in a panic. He could hardly catch his breath as he relived his daughter’s horror cough experience in his mind. Cool and calm as a finely tuned athlete, Dr. Weinberger asked if Bethany had slept without coughing through the night? Dennis said, “yes”. He instructed Dennis to remind Bethany that she knew what to do. (Was that all?) When Dennis frantically found Bethany in her bedroom, she had already started sipping from a water bottle and using her technique as explained by Dr. Weinberger in her original Skype video call. Bethany said, “…. don’t worry daddy, I stopped my habit cough the minute I realized what you were going to ask Dr. Weinberger, and I knew what he would say. So, I did it.

Note: Bethany is known on her curative video to say, ‘… if I can do it, you can do it too!’ This has served as an inspiration to children and adults around the world. Comically, many adults with decades of mystery cough report back to Dr. Weinberger that if a 12 year old girl can make her horror cough stop; they certainly can also. (… and they do, in mere minutes!)

Within a couple of weeks of Bethany stopping her new habit cough, reports came in from 2 children in New South Wales, Australia, and one from Oklahoma.

Each of the parents reported that their child had a brand new, unassociated occurrence of refractory, habit cough. Each child had slept through the night, only to begin their Habit Cough once they awoke. Each parent instructed their children to watch Bethany’s video again. They all said that they did not need to, as they remembered what to do; “… like the knowledge of riding a bicycle after it was stored for the winter”. Even after “… not riding for months at a time”, they knew how to utilize The Weinberger Procedure by-proxy, to permanently cure their new Habit Cough.

The game changer

It was only after these four dramatic occurrences and other pinpointed research, that Dr. Weinberger recognized it was not necessary for the child or adult’s cough to reach the number of weeks required to be known as a “chronic cough”. With his new and brilliant diagnosis, a spectacular paradigm in acute cough curative medicine has now been provided to medical doctors and professionals around the world.

Dr. Weinberger reviewed all of his data from the last 50 years,

and made the most dramatic and seminal update to his original diagnosis; removing what seems now to be, an arbitrary “chronic” time requirement. As noted below, he stated, “Once the patient meets the diagnostic criteria for Habit Cough, even while the repetitive cough is still considered acute [less than 4 weeks/child and less than 8 weeks/adult], treatment with suggestion therapy [The Weinberger Procedure] is appropriate. There is no need to wait until the cough is considered to be chronic [4 weeks/child & 8 weeks/adult]”

With cough being one of the main reasons for initial doctor visits

in children and adults around the world, The Weinberger Procedure, by-proxy, and via telemedicine has found a welcoming home in pediatric, pediatric pulmonology, asthma, ENT, SLP, respiratory therapy, family practice, and adult doctors and specialty cough offices, clinics and hospitals around the world. Doctors from renowned medical centers around the world have referred their most difficult medically unexplained chronic cough (MUCC) cases to Dr. Weinberger and his Chronic Cough Cure Documentary on YouTube.

There is no need to wait.

Once diagnosed with Habit Cough by your doctor, just watch The Weinberger Procedure by-proxy, or via telemedicine, in the patient’s language (follow the curative instructions and recovery procedure). Soon, as we prepare for a new era in chronic cough management, The Weinberger Procedure by-proxy will be known as the no-cost, non-pharmacologic way to instantly and permanently cure the world’s medically unexplained, repetitive, daytime only, acute and chronic Habit Cough. Your doctor might certainly charge a fee for your telemedicine visit. Bethany was happy that so many more children, adults, and grandparents would be cured from their acute cough.

Updated to include “acute” meaning habit cough pattern identified earlier than 4 weeks by Dr. Weinberger on March 19, 2020

The repetitive barking cough that is not present once the patient is asleep is the diagnostic criteria.

The characteristics of the self-perpetuating Habit Cough is its repetitiveness and absence once asleep.

Once the patient meets the diagnostic criteria for Habit Cough, even while the repetitive cough is still considered acute, treatment with suggestion therapy is appropriate.

There is no need to wait until the cough is considered to be chronic.

Note: Multiple patients report that knowledge of The Weinberger Procedure allows them to stop their future coughs during the acute period once diagnosis of Habit Cough has been met.

Great mommying from down under.

Even though Dennis explicitly tells parents to print out Dr. Weinberger’s papers to show and communicate with their doctors, multiple stories like this arrive, “I just did it and then I told the doctor! I wasn’t going to wait.” Kim Cutler, NSW, Australia.

Kim’s daughter, Abby, age 15

had uncontrollably and chronically coughed for 5 solid years. Abby’s vicious, mystery, horror cough was relentless for 14+ hours per day, every waking day of every month, of every year since she was around 10 years old. Nothing could make it stop.

Kim reported to Dr. Weinberger that her child had been to an untold number of doctors countless times. Each time the doctors would give her a new misdiagnosis and ineffective drugs to go with it.

Abby was also diagnosed with a form of Tourette Syndrome and was prescribed antipsychotic drugs that made her act … like a zombie”, but did not cure her horror cough.”

Kim writes: “Dear Dennis,

After 5 years of asthma medications, antibiotics, blood tests, chest x rays, swabs, allergy testing, cameras up her nose and down her throat. Special diets! No medical answer! I tell myself, ‘… never underestimate the power of a mother ’ ~ ‘ … I need to turn into an FBI agent and find help.’

I lay awake at night crying as mothers do when their child is suffering and not living their best life ~ You guys know how it goes ~ It’s a horrific cough~ it’s a loud honk/bark ~ people want to run and climb trees to get away from it ~ people judge ~ and try to diagnose my child with Whooping Cough, Croup, Bronchitis this list goes on and on ~ the death stares!”

I lay awake at night and cry.

“I type into google Chronic Cough ~ Bad Cough ~ Horrific Cough ~ night after night for weeks and weeks.

FINALLY — I type in “My child coughs 100 times per minute”, and there is Bethany!

I cry for what you guys have been through, but I feel no longer alone knowing Abby is not the only one with this horrific cough.

It’s the middle of the night and I want to wake up Abby to ask her permission to email Dr. Weinberger.

Frightened it’s a hoax and scared all at the same time I email him which leads to a phone call, which leads Abby sitting by her iPad undergoing Dr. Weinberger treating Bethany with his magical ‘Suggestion Therapy’.

To Abby’s excitement, she was able to control her coughing through the half-hour session video!

Hallelujah, we have found the medicine she needs to cure this awful illness.

Bethany & Bethany’s dad, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts for posting Bethany’s journey on the internet.

You are truly amazing and have Saved Abby.

Abby still has a long way to go.” — Kim Cutler, NSW, Australia

Note: Abby’s story is available on HabitCough.com. It includes Abby filming herself being cured of her mystery horror “Habit Cough” in about 5 minutes. Abby’s throat was healed and she achieved “cough ZERO” in short order. Abby did have a new Habit Cough months later due (her mom says) to anxiety because of Australian bushfires and needing to “bug out” from her home. Utilizing her knowledge of The Weinberger Procedure from months prior, she cured her new Habit Cough in mere minutes and has been cough free since.

Every Day Has a New and Amazing Habit Cough By-Proxy and Telemedicine Cure Story From Around the World — From Children AND Adults

Many varieties of children and adults with unexplained refractory cough being diagnosed and instantly cured were received over the next few months.

Dr. Weinberger communicated almost instantly with each parent and walked them through his Weinberger Procedure, via telemedicine and by proxy, watching a YouTube documentary video.

The parents all felt hopeless, helpless, and forsaken, just like Bethany and Abby’s parents.

They each knew that their child, like Bethany and Abby, slept through the night, only to begin coughing relentlessly in the morning until they fell asleep exhausted from non-stop coughing. Each felt that their child was rescued by Dr. Weinberger.

YouTube Documentary and Skype Video Cure Calls

For some of the most severe cases, Dr. Weinberger still performs Skype video calls to parents, children, and adults around the world.

The child’s cough was quiet as a whisper as her throat was completely dried out. (Children only breathe around 12,000+/- times in their 13 awake hours.)

Her mother stated,

“Our daughter had a hard barking cough for about 3 weeks, she then lost her voice and the cough was still there but now was [whisper] quiet. A week of this (and for this week she averaged 30 coughs a minute from about 7 am to 8 pm, then it reduced in frequency until she fell asleep about 11 pm). Exhausting!

The doctors ran out of ideas to test her for and essentially said ‘To wait it out’ — very hard advice for a parent to take when your child is exhausted and cannot participate in day to day activities such as school & sports.

Then we found a video documentary on YouTube about a girl called Bethany who had a journey of 500,000 coughs. This led us to Dr. Weinberger.

Dr. Weinberger took time to Skype with our daughter and take her through the Weinberger Procedure. She struggled, but persevered and made lots of progress that first night.

The following day the cough was still there (now averaging 6–10 coughs/minute (which was a huge improvement over the day before) and with focus, she could get to about 5 minutes without a cough).

We then had about 5 days of constant reminders, watching the video, and lots of water consumption — with no major changes to cough frequency.

We were just about to call Dr. Weinberger again to see if we were on the right track when it just seemed to stop.

Her voice came back, and the cough virtually disappeared — maybe 1 or 2 in an hour. Amazing!

It is now 3 days later, and she has participated in gymnastics, gone to school for a full day, had a sleepover with a friend — all things that were ‘on hold’ for the last month.”

Important note: Dr. Weinberger believes that Habit Cough recovery is THE most important part of The Weinberger Procedure by-proxy and via telemedicine. Dennis, who now assists Dr. Weinberger with patient outreach, states that many parents report variations on their child’s recovery to achieve “cough ZERO”. The takeaway is that the recovering patient should, “practice, practice, practice”. They’re taking a TINY sip of water “atop the tickle” that precedes the cough or throat clear. Do not sip water atop the cough or throat clear. As with Bethany, Dr. Weinberger says that the throat must heal from all of the coughing. He has noted that recovery to “cough ZERO” varies and some patients might need to watch The Weinberger Procedure by-proxy video numerous times. He also states that the patient must keep their opened water bottle with them at all times as a reminder.

Important note: Dr. Weinberger’s ultimate goal is that parents and adults will communicate about the cure by-proxy and via telemedicine with their doctors around the world. Medically unexplained, acute, and chronic cough is a main reason for doctor office visits around the world. Dr. Weinberger’s desire is that his US and worldwide colleagues understand and utilize his simple diagnostic criteria and treatment procedure for this vicious cough. “The characteristics of the self-perpetuating Habit Cough is its repetitiveness and absence once asleep. Once the patient meets the diagnostic criteria for Habit Cough, even while the repetitive cough is still considered acute, treatment with suggestion therapy [The Weinberger Procedure by-proxy] is appropriate.”

The Weinberger Procedure By-Proxy, and via Telemedicine in the Wild

Dennis recalled one day when a parent from the USA noted in a follow-up communication that their child’s pediatric pulmonologist referred her to HabitCough.com. This was the very first time a parent stated that a pediatric specialist referred their child to Dr. Weinberger’s online work. Dennis immediately called Dr. Weinberger. He said, “… you only call with big news. What happened?” Dennis exclaimed “… The Weinberger Procedure is in the wild.” He told Dr. Weinberger of the email he had just received. Dr. Weinberger had already known that it was “… in the wild” with a great story from an unsolicited email from New Jersey.

The story Dr. Weinberger told Dennis came from a Rutgers Health Pediatric Pulmonologist in New Jersey. Below is the patient’s mother’s redacted email and then communication between the Pediatric Pulmonologist and Dr. Weinberger.

From the child’s mother:

“Dear Rutgers Doctor, thank you very much for your thorough and attentive visit with us last week, the suggestion therapy [Weinberger Procedure] approach and for following up on how our daughter is feeling. The therapy has been highly effective! She is doing so much better, with little coughing. When she does cough, the duration and severity of spasm are much less than prior to suggestion therapy. We will try to return to ballet class tonight and swim this weekend. Our daughter is very excited!”

From Dr. Weinberger:

“Dear Rutgers Doctor, I am absolutely delighted that you used suggesting therapy [Weinberger Procedure] successfully. Very satisfying, isn’t it? Another colleague from Texas who tells me he’s been using suggestion therapy [Weinberger Procedure] for Habit Cough says it’s the Pediatric Pulmonologist’s Nursemaid Elbow. I thought that was a fantastic analogy.” — Dr. Miles Weinberger, MD

Soon, pediatricians, pediatric pulmonologists, and all sorts of medical doctors and specialists from around the world

began sending their toughest unexplained, chronic, cough patients to Dr. Weinberger’s work at HabitCough.com. At one point, Dennis asked Dr. Weinberger if he should “reshoot” Bethany’s video with an adult “patient” actor. Dr. Weinberger told Dennis that no changes other than translations should be made, ever. He explained that when something works so well for children and adults, there is no reason to make changes that might take away from the original version. This writer and Dennis agree.

Special note: As of this writing, numerous child and adult patients from around the world who suffer from medically unexplained acute and chronic cough have been referred to HabitCough.com. Their pediatricians, GPs, pediatric and adult pulmonologists, ENTs, and other specialists from esteemed medical hospitals and institutions now find a cure for their forsaken patients after all hope was lost, due to Dr. Weinberger’s simple and humble YouTube documentary video at HabitCough.com.

Around the world cures for children AND now the backstory on adult cures

Dr. Weinberger’s first peer-reviewed and published paper in Annals of Allergy Asthma and Immunology about Bethany’s cure and now the Weinberger Procedure cure by-proxy, via telemedicine, was called, “Unexpected and unintended cure of habit cough by-proxy” To the knowledge of this writer, it is the first time in the history of peer-reviewed and published medical journals that the word “cure” [repeatable] was used in the same title as “cough”. The “unexpected and unintended” part was that instant and permanent cures were occurring around the world just by having the patient watch a YouTube documentary video in their own language. What happened next was even more shocking, completely unexpected, and unintended.

Around the time of Dr. Weinberger’s first peer-reviewed publication in Annals of Allergy, Asthma & Immunology, a reporter from The Daily Beast contacted Dr. Weinberger and Bethany. After the brilliant story by Victoria Albert called, “The Doctor Behind the ‘Miraculous’ Cure for Nonstop Coughs” was published, even more emails of instant cure stories from around the world made their way to Dr. Weinberger’s email. Once again, Dr. Weinberger was quite unprepared for what happened next. Dennis just shook his head in shocked amazement, as he had done so many times since meeting Dr. Weinberger.

Other than a wonderful story about Dr. Weinberger curing Bethany in The Daily Beast, called: The Doctor Behind the ‘Miraculous’ Cure for Nonstop Coughs, there pretty much was “… an uphill climb both ways”. Dennis attributes the lack of more press and progress to skepticism. After all, he was quite skeptical; even after witnessing and filming it.

Dr. Weinberger’s incredible story in The Daily Beast HERE

Then something happened, and the world would once again take pause!

Dennis had told Dr. Weinberger that he would only call him when something “big” happened. This was as big as it gets. Dennis exclaimed to Dr. Weinberger, “… why didn’t you tell me that the YouTube documentary video procedure cures adults!” Dr. Weinberger noted that he had been busy and was going to call Dennis to tell him that he had received 3 emails from adults who had multiyear medically unexplained chronic cough. Each of them was cured by watching his curative documentary video with Bethany on YouTube.

When they read about Bethany’s ‘Miraculous’ cure in The Daily Beast, forsaken adults around the world thought that since they were hopeless and helpless and forsaken already, watching a video of a little girl being cured by their doctor certainly wouldn’t hurt, and who knows what might happen.

One story was from a 58-year-old woman from the USA which summarizes the type of unsolicited response received via email. She reported a long term medically unexplained chronic cough (MUCC), chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), chronic bronchitis, and emphysema as well as sleep apnea for multiple years. She stated that she had not coughed since reading and rereading the article in The Daily Beast [and watching the video] She said it was “… amazing; mind over matter?” She ended with, “I smell a Nobel Prize [for medicine]”

Special note:

The 58-year-old female who submitted, did NOT state in her communication, that she was a current or previous smoker. She does state however that she suffers from COPD, chronic bronchitis, and emphysema with a non-stop medically unexplained chronic cough. This might be an indication of smoking-related illness or a “smoker’s cough” but more similar cases & cures from smoker’s cough and other comorbidities reported as “alcoholic cough” and “Kratom cough” began to arrive shortly thereafter.

Dennis always reminds people:

“A main goal of Dr. Weinberger is to increase patient/doctor communications concerning their once ‘medically unexplained chronic cough’ and when properly diagnosed as Habit Cough, utilize The Weinberger Procedure to instantly and permanently cure it. He responds to patients that in lieu of any payment to him, they should instead provide their doctors with paper copies of his peer reviewed and published curative work. He also wants them to explain how the patient was instantly and permanently cured by simply watching a YouTube documentary video at HabitCough.com.

Note: Remember that Dr. Weinberger states that recovery to ‘cough ZERO’ is as important as the cure from their habit cough. It is noted through reports that children have a seemingly easier time recovering because they normally have their parent/guardian as a minder. He likes for children and especially adults to keep an OPEN bottle of water IN THEIR HAND at all times, as a reminder, to take a small sip on the tickle that precedes the cough.

A World of Habit Cough Cures

This is a map of the recently reported instant cures from vicious Habit Cough around the world. (Red = children cured, Light Blue = adults cured) For his research, Dr. Weinberger has communicated with or attempted to communicate with each representative parent or adult patient involved. This is a general location and information for the patient. It shows Skype telemedicine instant cures with Dr. Weinberger, Skype and “by-proxy” cures just by watching Dr. Weinberger’s suggestive therapy session via a YouTube documentary video.

Habit Cough cure map HERE.

Special note:

As of this writing, volunteer translations of the Weinberger Procedure by-proxy, are available in English, Mandarin, Spanish, German, Macedonian, and Turkish. It is Bethany’s goal that The Weinberger Procedure by-proxy, be free and available in all languages around the world via the volunteer webpage.

Saudi Arabia instant cure after more than 1,000,000 vicious, mystery coughs — by her father — a first

One of Dr. Weinberger’s most heralded and important, instant & permanent cures from Habit Cough by-proxy came from Jeddah, in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. A bilingual father, Naif utilized The Weinberger Procedure for his Arabic only speaking daughter, Samr, age 10. Cured in mere minutes!

Naif spoke of sweet Samr, “… she’s 10 years old. She started coughing 8 months ago and since then our lives just turned up and down. It’s literally like living in some sort of a horror movie but without a tunnel light at the end.”

Forsaken and traumatized,

Samr hopelessly and helplessly suffered from a loud, violent, vicious, and relentless, medically unexplained chronic cough of over 1,000,000+ times in 8.5 months (over 4,000 coughs/day). She loudly and violently coughed from the minute she awoke, non-stop, until the minute she fell asleep. Samr slept through the night. (Remember: “The repetitive barking cough that is NOT present once the child [or adult] is asleep is the diagnostic criteria [for Habit Cough in children and adults]”.)

Samr slept soundly without the cough being present.

Jeddah, Saudi Arabia HERE

Naif used his English as a second language skills

to almost instantly find Dr. Weinberger’s curative video with Bethany. He watched it and just stared at the screen as every single occurrence in Bethany’s nightmare was replicated in his sweet Samr — thousands of miles away. Naif made contact via the website and was instantly reassured that if the diagnosis was indeed Habit Cough, an instant and permanent cure was just minutes away!

It was near impossible for Samr to go outside of her home, attend school, or travel in public due to her inability to stop coughing loudly, thousands of times per day. People were VERY concerned and scared from all of her coughing, as the Coronavirus had begun working its way around the world. It was almost ready to cross the border into Saudi Arabia and the population was very anxious.

After multiple doctor, specialists and countless office visits, procedures, and ineffective medicine, Naif translated and read Dr. Weinberger’s peer-reviewed and published, simple to understand, autosuggestion script (per Dr. Weinberger’s specific request).

Naif had written out the script translating it from English into Arabic. (after learning English only 4 years ago) Naif told Samr to listen to him and respond as if he were speaking for Dr. Weinberger in Arabic; “sitting next to Bethany” in the video.

Precious Samr has been instantly and permanently cured without any more drugs in less than 15 minutes — by watching, peer-reviewed, and published, The Weinberger Procedure — “by proxy” on YouTube documentary video. (Yes, this is actually what happened as instructed in Dr. Weinberger’s peer-reviewed and published papers and letters).

It was all Naif could do to keep from crying during his simple reading of Dr. Weinberger’s curative words to Samr, but he did! (Dr. Weinberger is so proud of Samr and Naif.)

Naif’s sweet child had 1 minor cough in the next 45 minutes (he gave her a free pass for this one).

To Naif and his tight-knit family’s complete shock and astonishment, his sweet Samr’s cure from over 1,000,000 horror coughs was instant and quite obvious. Cured!

This is the first known instant and permanent cure from chronic cough — Habit Cough in Arabic and is now easily replicable to cure all the children, adults and elderly in Saudi Arabia and the entire Middle East.

Note: Dr. Weinberger was equally and duly impressed by numerous other parents from around the world who, on their own, translated and presented The Weinberger Procedure by-proxy to their children for an instant & permanent cure from the vicious Habit Cough.

Special note:

It is Dr. Weinberger’s expressed and purposeful desires for parents and adult patients to communicate knowledge of Habit Cough and The Weinberger Procedure with their doctors. He also is adamant that parents should consider utilizing The Weinberger Procedure by-proxy and via telemedicine, for their child when the child meets his diagnostic criteria for acute or chronic cough. He also desires for adult patients to be able to cure themselves utilizing the same YouTube documentary video that has cured so many children. Many parents and adult patients opt to utilize The Weinberger Procedure with complete privacy and anonymity.

More unsolicited instant and permanent cure “by-proxy” and via telemedicine patient reports to Dr. Weinberger arrived:

Ireland multiple cures: One of the most telling and astounding, unsolicited Habit Cough diagnosis, instant and permanent cures arrived at Dr. Weinberger’s email from an esteemed pediatric pulmonology colleague in Ireland. It reads: “Dr. Weinberger, Greetings, just want to say that I have referred 3 patients thus far to the website [HabitCough.com] which is very helpful. I stopped all medications, much to the surprise of parents, to come back thanking me. Many thanks for a very helpful website. Best wishes. [Pediatric Pulmonologist] B.E.”

Lily’s mom spoke Dr. Weinberger’s procedure script to her in the car — and her vicious horror cough stopped.

NSW, Australian girl cured by mummy while driving in the car! Back in school and returned to her best life in mere minutes with mummy reading Dr. Weinberger’s suggestion therapy script to Lily! Her doctors are shocked and amazed.

“The cough [Bethany’s] was exactly the same as my daughters and I could relate to every aspect of the story. I gave it a go. Telling Lily that she wasn’t sick, and she could control it. Just like your daughter she was able to stop the cough.”Jenn Dollin, NSW, Australia

Below is correspondence from from Dennis to Dr. Weinberger including a fascinating thread from Jenn Dollin

From: Dennis
To: Dr. Weinberger,

This whole thing is just fascinating. Every day, you seem to get wonderfully new and unique responses. The parents are SO knowledgeable about their powerful children who want so hard to be cured.

I note how mommies all seem to say that, yes, performing the Weinberger Procedure when the child/adult is coughing the worse (normally at night?) shows them how they can witness the number and intensity decreasing and the time between coughs increasing. What a motivator to achieve “cough ZERO” like Ella from BC in Canada. (About Ella, interesting how her vocal cords dried out, after 20,000 coughs per day? and her coughs were so quiet because she lost her voice. You cured her in a 30 minute Skype call. Powerful. Just powerful.)

Note: You told the children and if their cough came back, “… you know what to do.” makes it seem like you easily recognize that the child has learned a reusable skill — again like riding a bike or similar. (Boom!)

Your procedure is magnificently effective and satisfying. I continue to be astonished. It is as if we are in a movie, and keep getting terrific updates to a cure that are so hard to believe.

Thank goodness for the curative video of you and our sweet Bethany, and the type of interaction you are receiving. The whole “by-proxy” premise with a YouTube documentary video (and via telemedicine) still makes me shake my head.

Jenn Dollin, Lily’s mom send me an elaboration on the fact that her daughter is not coughing during a common cold. Remember that she had also contacted me in to say (similarly to Abby who lives 45 minutes away) that Lily started coughing, again, after months of being cured, because of anxiety (not smoke as I wondered and asked) after the bushfires caused their family to evacuate. She was reminded that she knew what to do — just like Abby (and Bethany) and they instantly and permanently stopped their return cough of 1–2 days worth of coughing.

Yours truly,
Patient Outreach

Initial contact August 21, 2019 from Jenn Dollin

Lily Dollin, age 10, NSW Australia — mom read Dr. Weinberger’s script to daughter in her car. Cured.

November 12, 2019

“I wasn’t worried yesterday, as it was just a few coughs that stopped pretty quickly and knowing she had her cold, I thought it was just that but I became worried this morning when the coughing wasn’t stopping and began to sound more like the all too familiar habit cough.

I told Lily she could stop it.

She said she needed my help. So I just sat with her while she sipped on the water, telling her she could do it. She’s hardly coughed in the last hour so I’m thinking we are OK.

Her school is back open today but I’m keeping her home so she can get on top of the cough. I don’t want her worrying about it at school. I’ll let you know how it goes today.

It’s all pretty scary with the fires. The fire fighters are absolutely amazing. Thanks for your thoughts.

It really is amazing. I am again in shock with how it works.

I was going to film Lily this morning but I had doubts that we could fix it.

Even though we had in the past I thought that we couldn’t be that lucky a second time round.

But so far it looks like we are. I will definitely grab a video if there is a next time.

I’m so grateful for you and what you have done for so many people.

After Lily stopped her cough again Wednesday morning it has not returned!!!!”

March 01, 2020

“Lily has had a cold the last few weeks and not a single cough.

I’ve never known her not to cough when she has a cold.

I believe that Lily was effective in curing her cough using the Weinberger procedure because of her determination to have it gone. I believe that motivation for it to end was the driving force behind it stopping and her believing she could do it.

Had she not been coughing for as long as she was, I don’t think the determination would have been there (for her) as she probably wouldn’t have viewed it as a problem.

I definitely believe it comes down to a strength of mind and the determination for it to work.

Once Lily began to see that she could control the cough for a short period of time, I saw the determination kick in as she knew that it was working. In my opinion, I think that it comes down to the determination of the individual.

So to answer your question, yes, I think if the wish and determination to stop the cough, if earlier than the 4 weeks of a chronic repetitive cough is there, I personally believe it is possible.

And going back to my message the other day, Lily still has a cold and still no coughing.

That auto reaction of her body to cough is no longer there.

As I said the other day, I have never known her not to cough when she was sick.

All her life when she has been sick she has always had a cough. Always. So this is very new to me that she can have a cold without a cough.

Yes, I agree, I would think that it would be harder for adults not to slip back to coughing because of how ingrained the habit could be…

But again it comes back to the determination to have it gone.

And yes, currently no one wants to be seen as having a cough so that would act as good motivation to stop!

I just think that the habit of coughing is gone. I don’t think she is making a conscious decision not to cough, I think she is subconsciously not having that impulse to cough anymore. If that makes sense. It’s just my opinion though based on my thoughts.

Interestingly though, I don’t believe that Lily is making a conscious decision not to cough anymore. (She definitely was before and even when she got sick again at the end of last year).

Now, that she has put in the hard work, I think her body’s automatic response to cough has gone. Almost like her body has been reprogrammed. I’m very interested to see how she goes over winter. That will be the real test.”

- Jenn Dollin, NSW, Australia

Wendy, age 68, from Vancouver, BC, Canada.

“Dr. Weinberger, I have this cough every winter. Just like Bethany’s. It doesn’t start until I have had a cold or bronchitis then I cough all the time to the point I gag. I have been to my doctor, specialists and allergist. I have had this ordeal every winter for years. No one can figure out what is the cause of this continual cough. I feel I have found the answer. I went the 1/2-hour video with Bethany. Yes, I felt like coughing. I listen to the video and concentrated. It really works.” — Wendy

From London, with the MOST amazing instant cure story of a mystery coughing child who became a man who was cured of Habit Cough — in minutes.

Every day would bring new and amazing unsolicited stories from around the world.

There was, however, a singular case that caused Dr. Weinberger to take a long and deep pause. Because of this unusual case, he would have to rethink so much from his 50 years of medicine and cough research, diagnosis, treatment, and recovery from Habit Cough in children and now adults.

This most unexpected case arrived in the form of a simple, unsolicited email from London. A wife of 7 years told Dr. Weinberger that as long as she has known her husband, J, he had a non-stop, daytime only, repetitive, medically unexplained chronic cough.

“I also continue to be fascinated and astonished. We’ve also learned a lot from the follow-up of the families regarding the recovery. “ Dr. Weinberger

The twist to the story was that even though she had only known him for 7 years, her 32-year-old husband had begun his non-stop, daytime only, repetitive, medically unexplained chronic cough, around the time of his 7th birthday. He had suffered from Habit Cough for 25 years!

She found the YouTube documentary video of Dr. Weinberger curing Bethany and was intrigued. Would it work for his 32 year old husband who started non-stop coughing around his 7th birthday?

She asked him to watch the video of Dr. Weinberger and Bethany. He was quite skeptical. Nothing had helped him in even the slightest way. All he knew from the time of his youth was his non-stop, daytime only, repetitive, medically unexplained chronic cough.

Each and every GP, pediatrician, specialist, and referral from child, to teen, to young adult and onward as a full-grown man provided him the same response. We don’t know what it is called, why you have it, what caused it, when, or if it would ever go away. He finally realized and believed that his non-stop, daytime only, repetitive, medically unexplained chronic cough must be Habit Cough. His wife confirmed that he slept through the night only to begin coughing when he awoke, and for the entire day.

Remaining skeptical due to a life of misdiagnoses, but to appease his wife, J watched Dr. Weinberger’s video as if he was a young boy sitting with a tall glass of room temperature water next to Bethany.

Then it happened.

Much to their complete and utter astonishment, in mere minutes, his 25-year habit cough intensity instantly began to diminish. Also, the interval between his near lifelong, daytime only, habit coughs began to increase.

Note: When this happens, Dr. Weinberger recognizes that the cure has occurred. Now the patient has to follow the simple recovery plan noted on the website to achieve, “cough ZERO”.

Special note:

This United Kingdom patient only has a slight throat clear a few times per day as of this writing and expects to achieve “cough ZERO” shortly. Dr. Weinberger finds that some adults get distracted by life events and the last minor throat clears take the longest, but almost all of the adult patients who have maintained the recovery plan have achieved “cough ZERO”.

Special note:

Dr. Weinberger requests his Habit Cough patients watch the YouTube documentary video after diagnosis by their doctor and at the period of the day when their unexplained, repetitive, daytime only, chronic, cough is the worst.

Special note:

Prior to the story in The Daily Beast, Dr. Weinberger never pondered that adults might suffer from Habit Cough with weeks, months, years, and even decades of unexplained, refractory, cough. He is a pediatrician and never saw or treated any adult chronic cough patients. These adults unexpectedly reported their cough or cure from Habit Cough to Dr. Weinberger were hopeless, helpless, and forsaken.

Many patients report the word, “lost”. He notes in his latest peer-reviewed and published manuscript: Diagnosis and management of chronic cough: similarities and differences between children and adults, Published July 22, 2020 Reviews of adult chronic cough report that at least 40% of adults with chronic cough have no medical explanation.” and “While habit cough has not generally been a diagnosis in adults, there is evidence for a behavioral component in adults with chronic cough.” This writer, Dennis and Jennifer completely agree and fully expect untold permanent cures from adults around the world for the next 50 years.

Dad films mother curing her son — on her own — after 13 weeks of vicious, mystery horror cough.

Malorie never spoke to Dr. Weinberger. She used the tenets of The Weinberger Procedure with her sweet child and it worked in mere minutes. When a new and separate cough appeared months later, her son, Gracen cured it using The Weinberger Procedure that his mom provided him. Gone — like turning off a light switch!

“My baby boy, yes my baby, (my first born, graduated elementary school last night. I was a little emotional. It’s been a rough two years but particularly a ROUGH 3 months. So the moments we shared in the 30 minutes prior to leaving for graduation were so special.

3 months ago, 13 weeks to be exact, I received a phone call from Gracens principal asking for me to come pick him up because he was coughing uncontrollably. It was loud, disruptive, ear piercing and no one around him could focus.

After days of this and no at home remedy or OTC med touched it, I took him to the Dr.

This led to 12 weeks of Drs, multiple chest X-rays, hundreds of dollars spent on medications that never worked, multiple visits to the ENT, throat, nose, esophagus scopes, CT scan. No answers.

We were forced to pull him out of school.

After a referral to the pulmonologist, a series of tests plus a series of questions I was told this cough was in his head. Like a tick.

WHAT? Why would someone choose this? But that’s the thing. He wasn’t choosing it. But he wasn’t choosing NOT to do it either.

After several more weeks went by and yet another phone call yesterday to pick him up from school for his cough, (he finally got to go back) I was done. At my wits end.

My son is miserable, everyone around him is concerned he’s sick, the stares are constant.

So I did what any mom would do for her child and I did some digging!! I found studies by a man named Dr. Miles Weinberger.

What I found was fascinating.

So, I followed my mama instincts and sat on the couch facing my worn out child. I looked him right in his eyes and asked him if he was ready to get rid of this cough.

I walked him through a series positive self talk. Over and over again I told him that his mind is powerful.

More powerful than his body and that he has the power to stop this. Over the next 20 min, with me guiding my son to hold water in his mouth for first 30 seconds, then 45, then one min, 2 min and so on.

The cough stopped. Tears filled my eyes and a smile came across his face.

He’s coughed almost a million times! And as of 5:30 yesterday, he is COUGH FREE!!Malorie Avaline

Amazingly, honey and sugar recipe variations were also considered treatment (not cure) for cough in medieval times dating back to the 9th century. Dennis researched in vain throughout history for some type of lost or little-known cough cure. Nope. Just honey or sugar, like today ~ and maybe some boiled down wine.

Dennis searched for any “lost” cures for acute & chronic cough. This is all he found. (Seems like a joke, but it’s not. This is the same recipe for cough syrup today as it was in the 8th century. HERE)

Over-the-counter medicine and children

Per The CDC: Be careful about giving over-the-counter (OTC) medicines to children. Not all over-the-counter medicines are recommended for children of certain ages. (Especially dextromethorphan)

Cough and cold medicines:

Children younger than 4 years old: do not use unless a doctor specifically tells you to. Use of over-the-counter cough and cold medicines in young children can result in serious and potentially life-threatening side effects.

Children 4 years or older: discuss with your child’s doctor if over-the-counter cough and cold medicines are safe to give to your child for temporary symptom relief.

There have been many recipes for cough suppressants — never a permanent cure until now. HERE

The CDC also directs people to:

“Offer adults a cough drop or hard [sugar] candy to soothe their throat and lessen the urge to cough.”

“Although treatment guidelines for chronic cough are available, they vary in their recommendations. There are no FDA-approved agents indicated specifically for chronic cough at this time, but medications such as inhaled corticosteroids and narcotic antitussives are frequently used for treatment, while speech and behavioral therapy have also been potential options.” — The American Journal of Managed Care (Note: No word match for “cure” or “cessation” concerning cough is found in this document.)

Note: Dennis scanned the globe via the Internet for local treatments or cures from other countries, and the world’s experts could do no better than the US Government with their honey, lozenge, and cough drop recommendation. There was certainly not any peer-reviewed and published, non-pharmacologic, no cost, and replicable, instant & permanent cure for the daytime repetitive cough to be found.

Dr. Weinberger is well versed in the “honey” treatment recommended by the CDC. He co-authored a peer-reviewed and published manuscript titled:

“Nonprescription medications for respiratory symptoms: Facts and marketing fictions”

Alongside honey, his manuscript also included dextromethorphan, also known as DX, or DXM as a potential antitussive treatment (not a cure).

The graphic below from this manuscript compares honey, dextromethorphan, and “no treatment” in the temporary treatment (not a permanent cure) of refractory cough.

See the peer reviewed and published documentation HERE

Neither honey nor dextromethorphan provided a cure or even much of a temporary relief; especially on the second night — as noted above.

Dextromethorphan (DXM or DM) is not a cure for cough and is a severely limited antitussive.

Dextromethorphan (DXM or DM was patented in 1949 and approved for medical use in 1953.) is a medication most often used as a cough suppressant (not a permanent cure) in over-the-counter cold and cough medicines. It is sold in syrup, tablet, spray, and lozenge forms.

“Laboratory studies suggest that dissociative drugs, including PCP, ketamine, and DXM, cause their effects by disrupting the actions of the brain chemical glutamate at certain types of receptors — called N-methyl-D-aspartate (NMDA) receptors — on nerve cells throughout the brain.” (Morgan, 2012; Morris, 2005)

From Wikipedia, “It is in the morphinan class of medications with sedative, dissociation, and stimulant properties (at lower doses). Dextromethorphan possesses only a minimal degree of the mu-opioid activity typical of morphinan compounds and exerts its therapeutic effects through several other receptors. In its pure form, dextromethorphan occurs as a white powder.”

Very important: Unfortunately, DXM is also used recreationally. “When exceeding approved dosages, dextromethorphan acts as a dissociative hallucinogen. It has multiple mechanisms of action, including actions as a nonselective serotonin reuptake inhibitor and a sigma-1 receptor agonist. DXM and its major metabolite, dextrorphan, also block the NMDA glutamate receptor at high doses, which produces effects similar to other dissociative anesthetics such as ketamine, nitrous oxide, and phencyclidine (PCP), [and Salvia divinorum].”

Interesting note: It has been referenced (unverified) that DXM was successfully tested in 1954 as part of US Navy and CIA-funded research on nonaddictive substitutes for codeine as an antitussive.

Pharmacists have a front line role for The Weinberger Procedure HERE

Note: As declared above in Dr. Weinberger’s updated diagnosis, he now includes treatment recommendations for “acute” cough. We decided to include this updated diagnosis once again for context, and due to its importance and implications.

Updated to include “acute” meaning habit cough pattern identified earlier than 4 weeks by Dr. Weinberger on March 19, 2020. (Duplicated on purpose due to its importance.)

The repetitive barking cough that is not present once the patient is asleep is the diagnostic criteria.

The characteristics of the self-perpetuating Habit Cough is its repetitiveness and absence once asleep.

Once the patient meets the diagnostic criteria for Habit Cough, even while the repetitive cough is still considered acute, treatment with suggestion therapy is appropriate.

There is no need to wait until the cough is considered to be chronic.

Multiple patients report that knowledge of The Weinberger Procedure allows them to stop their future coughs during the acute period once diagnosis of Habit Cough has been met.

From: Acute cough: a diagnostic and therapeutic challenge

“The annual cost of OTC cough medicines in the USA is estimated to be in the several-billion-dollar range, despite a lack of efficacy for many of these medicines. In addition to the direct and indirect healthcare costs of acute cough, there is a significant morbidity with cough syndromes that imposes additional burdens and healthcare expenditures. Considering the high socioeconomic impact of reduced productivity associated with acute-cough syndromes, URTIs are one of the most common reasons for work and school absenteeism, and there is a cascade of productivity losses by caregivers when a child is sick.

Forty thousand stacks of 1 million dollars equals “forth thousand million” dollars

A study to quantify the cost of viral respiratory tract infections in the USA found that when survey results of 4,051 respondents who experienced cough in the past year were extrapolated to the population, the total economic burden approaches $40 billion annually (2009). This includes $17 billion in direct healthcare resource (medications, medical services) costs and $22.5 billion in indirect costs (productivity losses), per year.

Acute Cough — Does Anything Help? (Yes!)

“Unfortunately, the majority of therapies available are currently recommended based on historical practice rather than on scientific evidence.”Emily M. Ambizas, PharmD, MPH, BCGP

Pharmacists are often consulted by patients regarding the selection of OTC products for the management of cough. Most acute coughs are caused by a viral respiratory infection and are usually self-limiting. In some cases, a cough may be indicative of a more serious complication, and pharmacists need to be aware of symptoms that warrant referral for further evaluation. Unfortunately, the majority of therapies available are currently recommended based on historical practice rather than on scientific evidence.& “There is also some evidence that honey may reduce the duration of cough, especially in children. A Cochrane review demonstrated that honey may relieve cough symptoms more than no treatment, diphenhydramine, and placebo, but it has not been shown to be better than DXM. Honey, however, should not be recommended in infants younger than age 12 months because of the high risk of botulism.” & “Acute cough is one of the most common symptoms to affect patients, especially after a URTI. Pharmacists are ideally positioned to educate patients about the occurrence of cough, its duration, and the efficacy of the current available treatments. — Emily M. Ambizas, PharmD, MPH, BCGP

Dennis noted, from his parental experience,

“… pharmacists, even prior to a doctor visit, are easily the first healthcare professionals that parents and patients communicate with when their child, or they have an unexplained, daytime, repetitive, cough. Your pharmacist has the knowledge to educate you that OTC cough suppressants provide very little or no efficacy for acute and chronic, repetitive, daytime, cough in children and adults. This knowledge is from multiple referenced peer-reviewed and published publications. None of these peer-reviewed and published manuscripts provides a cure (except for Dr. Weinberger’s). Your pharmacist might easily be the best medical professional to offer initial knowledge of The Weinberger Procedure cure by-proxy,and via telemedicine, and Dr. Weinberger’s peer-reviewed and published work referenced at www.HabitCough.com. Your pharmacist might even educate the parent or patient that they can print and discuss his peer-reviewed and published work with their medical doctor prior to any diagnosis and invasive treatment.”

Dennis’ parental perspective is,

“… pharmacists, as well as front line medical providers who encounter patients with this most common acute and chronic medical concern, should soon universally and easily recognize the Habit Cough based on the unique diagnostic characteristics and avoid excessive and unnecessary testing and medicinal trials. This is much like they do with other common and easily treatable illnesses and concerns.”

As an option to recommending ineffective and risky, over-the-counter (OTC) cough medications,

Dennis hopes they will begin embracing a new paradigm that dramatically improves patient care in a face-to-face, frontline pharmacist, and medical provider environment. The best part is that The Weinberger Procedure ends the suffering of their patients with a drug free and no-cost method everywhere in the world.

Annapolis, Maryland 2019

Epilogue and future of The Weinberger Procedure — by-proxy and telemedicine, instant & permanent cure for acute and chronic habit cough

Dr. Weinberger writes: “Habit Cough causes considerable morbidity, including well-intentioned iatrogenesis, unneeded testing, unnecessary medication, and even hospitalization. Several variations of suggestion are well documented as curative for habit cough. The current unanticipated and unintended observations reported in 3 children and 2 adults demonstrate further the amenability of habit cough to suggestion. The clinical characteristics of habit cough are sufficiently distinct that the diagnosis can be made by the typical history of a repetitive harsh, barking, or honking cough, occurring up to several times per minute, that is absent once asleep. No testing is needed for diagnosis, and no medications are needed for treatment. Knowledge and skillful interaction with the patient are the tools for diagnosing and treating this disorder.” & “The bottom line is that allergists and immunologists or pulmonologists who encounter these patients should recognize the disorder based on the unique clinical characteristics and avoid excessive and unnecessary testing and therapeutic trials. The diagnosis should not be one of default after excluding all other causes of CC. That approach only adds to further quality-of-life impairment. The clinical characteristics of Habit Cough are sufficiently recognizable that a diagnosis is generally possible based on a history and physical examination.”

From Patient Worthy — Dr. Weinberger states that he has provided the information about habit cough and its simple treatment to others in his field through a list-serve used by pediatric pulmonologists. Unfortunately, primary care physicians may still be unaware of the habit cough. As a result, these children are often referred to otolaryngologists and neurologists who also are not knowledgeable about habit cough. That results in excessive diagnostic procedures and trials of medication. This causes delays and causes suffering for the patient and family. Dr. Weinberger asks, “If the parents can go to the web and find out about habit cough, then why couldn’t the doctor?”

Bethany writes: “Nothing could make my 500,000 refractory, medically unexplained, chronic coughs stop — or even slow down. I coughed all day, from the minute I awoke, but slept through the night. Dr. Miles Weinberger, MD, diagnosed me with Habit Cough. He taught me how to instantly and permanently cure my Habit Cough. My daddy filmed it, and now the video of Dr. Weinberger rescuing me is instantly and permanently curing forsaken children and adults all around the world from their chronic Habit Cough, in their own language. If I can do it, you can do it too! My favorite part is that it also cured me of an acute cough over 6 months later.” — Bethany Buettner, age 14.

Bethany’s father, Dennis writes: “Few medical doctors in history can be pointed to, who have achieved this level of instantaneous and permanent, curative medicine for such a relentless and vicious acute and chronic & incurable cough after all else failed. Even fewer people have witnessed a successful medical procedure so astounding — and memorialized it on video. Dr. Miles Weinberger, MD, instantly and indeed, permanently cured our daughter of refractory, medically unexplained acute and chronic cough. I filmed it, or even I would not even believe what I saw! Now, our daughter Bethany’s ‘miracle’ Weinberger Procedure — for acute and chronic cough diagnosed as habit cough cure by-proxy is available to permanently cure adults and children. It is free, and non-pharmacologic in their own language; everywhere around the world, via YouTube documentary video. This is Dr. Weinberger’s gift to the hopeless, helpless, forsaken and lost everywhere. (The Weinberger Procedure via telemedicine migh certainly be provided with a cost determined by your doctor.) The world medical community will soon take a collective pause at this new paradigm in curative medicine, and then applaud Dr. Miles Weinberger, MD, Board certified Allergist and Pediatric Pulmonologist for his fierce and relentless acute and chronic cough research. This is his long hoped for, but unexpected and unintended, medical mystery cure discovery. The world will call it, ‘The Weinberger Procedure by-proxy’ & and via telemedicine.” — Dennis Buettner

Thank you: Bethany’s family, the authors & editors (AC) wish to note and acknowledge that Dr. Weinberger has worked with terrific & dedicated colleagues over the years who have provided invaluable assistance. Our praise is for him, and these heavy-lifters. Because of their past, present and future diligence and fierce determination, we claim them as “Protectors of the Forsaken Children and Adults Around the World”. They each should be able to sleep well at night, for they have done their best to bring the weakest, most vulnerable, and forsaken back to their best lives. For this relentless dedication and fortitude, the world will be eternally grateful.​

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