[Medical White Paper] Adult & Child Recovery From Habit Cough. Most Important Information — Per Dr. Weinberger’s Special Request for Patients Who Have Been Cured

Dennis Buettner
18 min readApr 3, 2022


By Dennis & Bethany Buettner

Refractory Unexplained Chronic Cough (RUCC) Diagnosed as the Habit Cough Syndrome Can Be Instantly & Permanently Cured in Minutes ~ or Even Seconds, In Children and Adults ~ Simply by Watching a peer reviewed and published YouTube Documentary Video (or via Telemedicine)

Video repository of Dr. Weinberger’s research HERE
Repository of Dr. Weinberger’s research

Peer Reviewed and Published Accidental Medical Discovery by Dr. Miles Weinberger, MD, University of Iowa. All pertinent medical research has been peer reviewed and published since Hippocrates. (Not intended to be medical advice. Consult with your doctor for your medical concerns. There is no medical advice in this story.)

This document is a growing and random collection of Habit Cough recovery notes that have been reported by parents and adult patients. It will change and be adjusted over time as we receive more great feedback from adults and parents of cured and now recovering habit cough patients. Please report your recovery notes to us for inclusion on this document. habitcough@gmail.com

Disclaimer: Utilize this information with NO expectation of any diminishment, suppression or cure for any illness or medical concern. This is NOT a medical treatment website. This information is provided free of charge and free of warranty or guarantee of any kind. The ONLY recommendation that is made is that you consult with your doctor and medical team for any of your health concerns. For education purposes only and not to be utilized to diagnose or treat any illness. This document was compiled and authored by Dennis Buettner, from publicly available websites. Contents of this document have not been created, reviewed, edited, or approved by Dr. Miles Weinberger, MD, in any manner, fashion or form, and do not represent his medical advice or opinion. Communicate with your personal doctor.

All of the information in this story refers to the peer reviewed and published documentation located at www.HabitCough.com

“I also continue to be fascinated and astonished. We’ve also learned a lot from the follow-up of the families regarding the recovery.” -

Question: When do I know that the cure from my habit cough has occurred and what do I do now?

Answer: Dr. Weinberger notes that the suggestion therapy is a success when:

1) There is an increase in time between coughs.

2) The intensity of the cough diminishes. When both of these occur, you will be ready to recover as noted below. Remember, Dr. Weinberger wants you to watch the YouTube documentary when your cough is at its daily worst. Many patients report this is in the evening, but your time might be different. When your cough is at its worst, it allows for you to detect the diminishment of the cough intensity and gap between the cough increasing.

Special note: One parent from London notes that he was able to detect a 3 second gap in between his daughter’s cough. They both knew that if they could create a 3 second gap, they could increase it to 30 seconds and then to 3 minutes. When she achieved a 3 hour gap, they knew that they were on the way to her “cough zero”, which arrived in mere days!

Dr. Weinberger’s note to the parents of a 10 year old child who has just begun practicing his recovery procedure: Remember, 15 minutes, then do something relaxing that they like to do. But they can do the 15 minute sessions as often as they want. They are working hard but I’m confident they’ll succeed.” Comment: Bethany was exhausted from coughing so much ALL day long. Dr. Weinberger has recognized this for his 40 years of curative research. He said that the patient will recover to “cough ZERO” in their own time. For Bethany, she was cured on February 9th. Her last cough was on March 15th for a total of 35 days. BUT, she went from 5,000+/day, immediately to about 500/day, then she seemed to stay at 100/day then rapidly from 50 to a hover of 20/per ~ then poof! All gone. Some patients report that they were cough free in much less time.

(Stated another way: “I usually recommend body temperature or room temperature water as an “alternative behavior” to coughing or excessive throat clearing. But combine that with a period of concentration to use your mind to control the urge to cough.”)

If a doctor just tells someone to drink water when they have to cough, cessation of cough is much less likely.” — Dr. Weinberger

Note: This document DOES NOT provide medical advice in any manner, fashion or form. Please consult with your doctor for appropriate and specific medical advice based upon your child’s or your medical history and peer reviewed and published information. ALWAYS refer them to Dr. Weinberger’s peer reviewed and published work concerning diagnosis and treatment of Habit Cough . NOTHING should supersede the relationship you have with your trusted doctors.

REMEMBER — during recovery, your child is (little tiny) sipping water atop the TICKLE that precedes the cough ~ not atop the cough!

They are NOT stopping the cough with water.
No. No. No. They are sipping water atop the TICKLE that precedes the cough. Not atop of the cough itself. I repeat — they are NOT stopping the cough with water. They are sipping water atop the TICKLE that precedes the cough. Not atop of the cough itself.

Note: I only state and restate this because it is SO important to the recovery of you or your child. You or your child will certainly have variations, BUT you are sipping the water atop the tickle that precedes the cough.

Once Bethany coughed while sipping the water, and she then adjusted her sips of water to be atop the TICKLE. Once she figured this whole atop the “tickle thing”, her suppression became better and better.

I REPEAT — you will want to take TINY sips of water PRECEDING the cough ~ when the “tickle”, as Bethany calls it lets you know that a cough, or series of coughs is fast approaching. This normally equates to a “tongue’s worth” of water.

The sips of water ATOP THE TICKLE seemed to be what interrupted Bethany’s upcoming cough. A fine example is when she would take 4 sips of water atop the tickle; over a course of about 10–15 seconds. Dr. Weinberger states that each child is different in their technique.

NOTE: DO NOT take large sips of water. This amount of water can add up rapidly. Consult with your doctor for any limits on water intake for your child or for you as an adult.

TAKEAWAY — you are sipping water to suppress the TICKLE that precedes the cough. You are NOT stopping the cough with water.

Suppress the tickle to stop the cough. After you understand this, please continue — Dennis

Takeaway — “It seems like your child (as young as 3 years old), got the idea even from the 10 minutes he watched Bethany. It is quite common for the urge to cough to persist for a a few days after they learn to control it. The longer they control it, the easier it gets, and eventually the urge to cough (Bethany called it her tickle) gradually goes away. Your child has learned how to do it. That’s great! I recommend that your child should be the judge about going to school or activities. Your child learned how to control the cough and he can do it again if he needs to. Tell them that Dr. Weinberger is very proud of them for learning to control his cough and that Dr. Weinberger is certain that they can continue controlling his cough.” — Miles Weinberger, MD, Pediatric Pulmonologist and Chronic Cough Researcher

Once you or your child is DIAGNOSED & CURED from Habit Cough with The Weinberger Procedure, the next and most important part, as stated by Dr. Weinberger is RECOVERY.

This is a growing document based on my parental observations with our daughter and NOT medical advice in any way. I try to edit the notes and hope that each includes a complete thought. Let me know if I need to make any edits or updates. — Dennis

Recovery from Habit Cough is ALL about PRACTICE — PRACTICE — PRACTICE (It takes a lot for me to write in ALL CAPS — so understand how important PRACTICE will be in the recovery period.)

Dr. Weinberger stated that Bethany must ALWAYS have a 12 ounce bottle of water WITH THE CAP OFF!! with her at ALL TIMES. (12 ounce bottles are easiest to hold and are not that heavy. You may use a smaller bottle for a young child, but 12 ounce would be the maximum for even adults.) Tuck the bottle to your chest WITH THE CAP OFF and be at the ready to take a tiny sip at a moment’s notice — when you feel the tickle in your throat (or whatever is you anticipation of the cough). He says DO NOT drink the water to stop the cough. Take a sip when you feel the tickle. The water seemed to interrupt Bethany’s cough. Bethany used her water sips when she “felt a tickle”. Note: Some patients don’t seem to need water as an assist.

We did not push her during her recovery period. She was mentally and physically tired. (But she had great abdominal muscles. ) We only reminded her of what Dr. Weinberger wanted her to do. After a day or two she would say, “I know, I know, I know what Dr. Weinberger wants me to do.”

Dr. Weinberger told us that she will know when it was time to go back to school. So proud.

Dr. Weinberger made sure to tell me — Special Habit Cough recovery notes: twice — that even though Bethany was instantly cured in less than 10 minutes — she would still cough and need to manage her reduced “recovery coughing” to continue to make it go/stay away. Bethany completely understood and cruised through this part.

Note: She was 12 years old when Dr. Weinberger cured her from her Habit Cough. You will note in her video with Dr. Weinberger, we talked about Bethany “taking her medicine” afterwards. Just like when we are told to “take your medicine every 12 hours” and it’s referring to a pill or some other prescribed medication, Bethany’s “medicine” was her Weinberger Procedure “practice video”.

Now, she Skypes with children who have been cured to provide them with “peer counseling” during their recovery anywhere in the world. She reviews the proper way to perform The Weinberger Procedure in the absence of Dr. Weinberger.

Eric told me that to entice Teddy, while watching the “ “ version of the curative video, he invented and played the “… when Bethany drinks water, you drink water” game with Teddy. Teddy’s cough rate instantly decreased by 70%. This was similar to Bethany’s decrease percentage, and Dr. Weinberger declared it a cure.

To assist Teddy in recovery, dad had son lie on his chest, while watching a movie, and almost knew when a cough was going to occur. Constant hugging pressure and little squeeze or jolt to alert Teddy seemed to decrease the frequency and mimic the peer reviewed and published — designed for young children. If daddy detects it first it gets Teddy in tune to the cough. Note: We will be creating and publishing a “bedsheet method” instructional video soon.

Normally the parent and child are in the Skype call with Bethany and me. She loves children so much and has just begun to understand her impact in their recovery.

YOU may contact us at anytime from ANYWHERE. All we need to do is coordinate a time. We live near Annapolis/Washington, D.C..

is what time it is now for your calculations. Bethany is normally good for her peer counseling calls from 6:00–9:00 PM (her time) most nights. Email us and we will reply with Bethany’s Skype name. She cannot wait to hear from you.

Interesting recovery update: We had just coordinated another Skype call with a child in their recovery from Habit Cough. At the last minute, mommy emailed me to say that their child was too tired to Skype. Bethany reminded me that she was completely and utterly exhausted from her coughing. We certainly understood and rescheduled — multiple times — and this was fine, and easily understood. Your takeaway from this should be that after potentially millions of coughs, your child is completely spent. We let Bethany recover and decrease her coughing to zero. BUT, we also let her body, mind and throat recover. It might take awhile. Trust me, they will know when to “relaunch” their life. You will be so proud of them. Dr. Weinberger FULLY agreed and wanted me to include this information on the recovery page.

Dr. Weinberger told us and the other parents that after so much coughing, the throat needs time to heal.

The one thing we hear from LITERALLY just about every parent or child is a parroting of Bethany’s voiceover in the video — “… if I can do it; YOU can do it too!” It sounds like this, “Mommy, Bethany did it and I know I can do it too.” (All the time!)

1. Most every parent has told me in writing and verbally that their child’s horror cough experience followed a similar path as noted in Bethany’s chart / diary . The way I understand this and I explained it to Jen was this. The diagnosis and treatment process starts at the lowest point — simple cough. After a week or two, maybe there is the first or return trip to the doctor’s office. Hmmmm. That medicine did not work. Maybe it is ______? Try this medicine.

More medicine is prescribed to combat whatever ______ is. Now, it takes a week or two before you can take your child back to the doctor due to lack of success and constant horror cough. At each return, the diagnosis and treatment plan goes up to the next level until you are left with the most treacherous diagnosis/drug treatment — with no success.

2. Most every parent reports that after their child watches Dr. Weinberger’s therapy session with Bethany video, they say, “… if Bethany can do it; I can do it too!” This is very heartwarming and reassuring. As Dr. Weinberger told us, “… you can sit in on the therapy, but do not avert her gaze. This is something she will have to do on her own.” Jen and I wanted to reach out to hold her or tell her what to do. Dr. Weinberger was right, she will be empowered to make her cure happen.

3. All the parents felt hopeless, helpless and forsaken. They each would “deep dive” the Internet until they cried themselves to sleep every night or just literally fell asleep with their hands on the keyboard (me) . Just when they felt they could not go on, they found a humble cough research doctor from Iowa — now living in San Diego. They could hardly imagine that The Weinberger Procedure would be the instant cure. They were all disconcerted by the months and years of misdiagnosis when the answer has been available since 1966. (me)

4. They were all, “shocked”, “amazed”, “gobsmacked” and more. They felt the cure was “astounding”, “amazing” and even “miraculous”. We still are and continue to be amazed whenever we hear of a new instant cure of a sweet child — or — adult from around the world.

5. Here is a thread about my AMAZEMENT at how children utilize Dr. Weinberger’s session video with Bethany.

Backstory is that I made a generic version of The Weinberger Procedure (below) In the video of 15 year old, Abby from NSW, Australia being cured in 5 minutes from her 5 year horror cough. In here video she is seen looking at the static photo below.

Note: I have witnessed that older children like Abby and adults will watch the static photo version below. I have heard that some adults like a medical student from Nepal seemed to watch the full version with Dr. Weinberger and Bethany.

Below is the photo of Austin, age 10, watching the original session video of Dr. Weinberger with Bethany. I commented to Dr. Weinberger that I thought it was funny (accidental) that Austin was watching Bethany’s video instead of the one with just the static photo of Dr. Weinberger. (above) Here’s how our conversation went.

“Dr. Weinberger, here is the photo of Austin from Tennessee. He is watching the video of Bethany watching you in Skype. NOT the one of your face and the generic therapy session!! What? It worked in 10 minutes.” — Dennis (I was shocked and though he would be too. But, I am a simple dad and he is the pediatrician. His brilliance has been proven again and again since Austin’s cure.)

Dr. Weinberger’s perspective for children: “… that is what I tell them to do, watch the full 35 minute video of Bethany listening to me.

Validation from Texas: Dr. Weinberger diagnosed a 10 year old boy from Texas with Habit Cough. Mom and were about to start him on some very powerful medications and were not happy to do this. (All other diagnoses had failed.)

Dr. Weinberger told the parents to ask their son to watch the 35 minute video without any explanation or directions at all of what to do. They placed a glass of body temperature water next to him.

Special note: A pediatric pulmonologist colleague of Dr. Weinberger’s from Ireland who has utilized The Weinberger Procedure on numerous child patients reports that they were successful utilizing ice water during the procedure and while in recovery. Dr. Weinberger stated that he is fine with the patient using room temperature or ice water and make any adjustments as appropriate.

Here is an extract from his email to me: “He understood that Bethany was able to control it, so he felt like if she could do it, he could do it. We couldn’t believe the miracle we witnessed. He went from 600 coughs/hour to maybe 6 the rest of the night until he went to sleep. He said it was really hard, but he wanted to be like Bethany. As each day passed, it took less focus to suppress the coughs. Within 2 weeks he was cured.” Team Weinberger for a major win!

My takeaway is that the child might be nervous about not doing it right. Dr. Weinberger says that as the child mimics Bethany — the instantaneous curing begins.

Here is an example of a 6 year old girl. This information was from her grandmother:

My daughter was beside herself. She took her to a Pediatrician and Allergist trying whatever was recommended to cure her. Nothing worked. She then took her to a Pediatric Pulmonologist who said that she did not want to do any extensive tests UNTIL the family watched this You Tube. She insisted the parents watch your video first and then have the whole family watch together. I watched it in my home.

Thanks Dr. Weinberger. You did it.

Here is an email that I sent to a Super Mommy. I know little of her child. I do know the desire of all children to please their parents and “swim to the shore” in this case — of no more coughing. This email is after her child’s cure. Dr. Weinberger said that “… after the cure comes the recovery.” Take your time. Your child is SO tired from coughing so much.

It does take a while. But he will see that he is doing good. Praise them all the time. Remind them about what Dr. Weinberger said. Make sure when he/she goes to school, that is teachers know that he is allowed to have at least two bottles of water. In case the first one runs out.

VERY important. Seems like some children need less water (as Dr. Weinberger said) but you don’t want your child to run out. We told Bethany that water was her “medicine”. Funny, but she was worried about taking medicine [water] to school.

You should see it happen dramatically. I believe it had to do with all of our encouragement. Bethany’s 5,000 coughs per day instantly slowed to 200–300 the next morning.

We had her watch Dr. Weinberger’s video as a reminder and “practice” for the next few days. (During this time, Bethany talked about how her tummy and chest muscles were tight when she ran and played. We reminded her that she had done over 500,000 “sit-ups” )

After a week or so, she no longer brought it up. We said to Bethany, “… remember what Dr. Weinberger said. Remember what Dr. Weinberger said. Control your cough honey. You’re doing great. I am so proud of you. You are so big.”

Note: We hear all the time that children say, “If Bethany can do it; I can do it too!”

We are so proud that Bethany felt this way and vocalized it for the video. The thing that I remember is that Bethany was very tired. I did have a little news Post stating that she had done about 500,000 sit-ups. We equated each of her cough to a sit-up. Her doctor even said she had great abdomen muscles.

The exhaustion that your child has is quite real. I say they know a lot as a child but they don’t know about recovery. Don’t push them. They will know when it’s time to go back to school.

You may want to start with a half a day after having him sleep-in, if that’s possible in your school district.

They will be tired. Bethany was tired and exhausted for a week after the cure and into her recovery. Dr. Weinberger recognized this in her also. Remember they don’t realize that this happened to them. As a child they think they might be doing something wrong, when you know of course they are not. Much like your child, Bethany wanted to please Mommy and Daddy. We had to let her know all the time that she was doing great and that she is a good girl.

My thought would be ease them back into school. At least this is what we did with Bethany. Dr. Weinberger agreed. By this time, Bethany had an in-home school teacher who would come twice a week to teach her for 4 hours.

This was very good for her. We have a good school district. Comfort them with any anxiety at least, that’s what we did with Bethany when she went back to school.

She returned a “conquering hero”. I communicated a lot with her teachers, and let them know what was going on. Refer them to so they might learn.

Special note, please feel free to coordinate a time to Skype with Bethany and your son/daughter. Her encouragement has done wonders with other children just letting them know that there’s a real person who went through it like they did. Dr. Weinberger actually asked her to do this. It was a wonderful recommendation. You are doing an excellent job as a mommy.

Only from my observations and with the different parents communicating with me after they’ve spoken with Dr. Weinberger, I have found with all due regard to the Daddy’s, the mommies have been doing most of the deep-diving on the internet. It warms my heart to know that you have such deep devotion and love for your sweet child. Shout out to the awesome dads also. No doubt.

The big takeaway for you will be that your child will trust you more and more and they will always know that you are doing the best from them.

It was physically very tiring and emotionally draining for Jennifer and me. We had to hide it from Bethany to make sure she did not feel any sadness due to us being upset.

We were sad and forsaken. Some parents suffer with their child’s horror cough for 5+ years. Our experience with Bethany’s Horror Cough was for 100 days and we were COMPLETELY spent.

Jen and I are just saying that we cannot even imagine what Kim Cutler dealt with during Abby’s 5 year horror cough. But in mere moments after Bethany slowed down her coughing so dramatically we felt rescued. Bethany was cured just like your child.

Dr. Weinberger made a point of having me update this recovery page to ensure that mommies and daddies know that even though they are cured, the child must recover. This is quite normal and EXPECTED with The Weinberger Procedure.

Remember I’m not a doctor, just a dad who has witnessed this from numerous mommies and daddies and children. But I believe Dr. Weinberger would agree the Sebastian is on his way back to perfect health. Again only an observation based on my child. Peace and good health — because nothing else matters! Bethany and Dennis, and Jennifer

This is Dr. Weinberger’s response to the mommy FOR THIS SPECIFIC CASE ONLY.

Originally published at https://www.habitcough.com on April 3, 2022.



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