[Medical White Paper] Chronic Cough Without a Cause Is Instantly and Permanently Cured in Adults and Children Just by Watching a Simple YouTube Documentary

Dennis Buettner
31 min readDec 8, 2020


By Dennis and Bethany Buettner

Refractory Unexplained Chronic Cough (RUCC) Diagnosed as the Habit Cough Syndrome Can Be Instantly & Permanently Cured in Minutes ~ or Even Seconds, In Children and Adults ~ Simply by Watching a peer reviewed and published YouTube Documentary Video (or via Telemedicine)

Video repository of Dr. Weinberger’s research HERE
Repository of Dr. Weinberger’s research

Peer Reviewed and Published Accidental Medical Discovery by Dr. Miles Weinberger, MD, University of Iowa. All pertinent medical research has been peer reviewed and published since Hippocrates. (Not intended to be medical advice. Consult with your doctor for your medical concerns. There is no medical advice in this story.)

His Dogged and Determined Medical Team Referred, Willie ~ the Boy Whose Incurable Cough Just Wouldn’t Stop — and He Was Instantly & Permanently Cured, Simply by Watching a YouTube Documentary on Habitcough.com

There was no cure; let alone a diagnosis for 8 year old Willie’s unstoppable, vicious, mystery, chronic cough. When all medicine, procedures and treatment failed, his pediatric pulmonologist referred Willie to Dr. Weinberger’s “cure by-proxy,” YouTube documentary on HabitCough.com. Willie’s parents were wonderfully shocked & amazed when he was instantly, and permanently cured from his nightmare of a “mystery cough”, in mere minutes — just by watching the documentary.

Yes, Willie was literally cured, just by watching Dr. Weinberger’s cure “by-proxy” YouTube documentary video. (The Weinberger Procedure is also available via telemedicine.)

Everyone coughs — as they have for tens of thousands of years. Cough aerosol spray droplets spread deadly influenza, virus and disease. Until now, there has never been a repeatable, peer reviewed and published, permanent cure by-proxy, available, for free, everywhere in the world. The procedure and cure are also available via telemedicine.

“Unfortunately, the majority of [acute cough] therapies available are currently recommended based on historical practice rather than on scientific evidence.” — Emily M. Ambizas, PharmD, MPH, BCGP (Note: There is NO mention of a permanent cure.)

“In the United States, cough is the most common complaint for which patients seek medical attention and is the second most common reason for a general medical examination, accounting for more than 26 million office visits annually.” Diagnosis is essential for effective treatment.Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (US); 2013 Jan.

Preparing for a New Era in Chronic Cough Management:

Cough is the most common reason for primary care visits, with up to 85% receiving prescriptions for treatment. Despite these high prescribing rates, the majority of patients report no symptom improvement. For example, it is reported that almost 60% of patients receive codeine-containing antitussives; 45%, proton pump inhibitors; 26%, antidepressants; 15.5%, antianxiety medications; and 13.9%, neuromodulators, such as gabapentin. An average of $3266 is attributed to annual medical costs per patient (including prescription medications, office visits, and hospitalizations). Emergency department visits and hospital utilization due to negative sequelae of continued coughing also contribute to the increased cost of managing chronic cough. Even annual costs for over-the-counter (OTC) antitussives, which only temporarily suppress symptoms, are estimated at as high as $1 billion to $3.5 billion.” — The American Journal of Managed Care

Editor note: All of Dr. Weinberger’s cough research below has been peer reviewed and published in the most esteemed medical journals since 1991. Other referenced medical textbooks, studies & documents date to 1685. It is the goal of “Team Weinberger”, to educate doctors, nurses, pharmacists, medical professionals, adults and child patients so we can eradicate the scourge of cough aerosol droplet spray, which transmits influenza, virus & disease. Dr. Weinberger’s no-cost, drug-free, “by-proxy” and telemedicine cure is designed and deployed to bring rural and medically underserved areas & populations of the world a repeatable, permanent, instant, non-pharmacologic cure (in their own language) and eradicate medically unexplained chronic cough (MUCC), known and diagnosed as Habit Cough since 1685.

The Weinberger Procedure “by-proxy” (and via telemedicine) — Bunny Day!

There has, until now, never been an instant, permanent and repeatable cure “by-proxy”, or via telemedicine, for medically unexplained chronic (and acute) cough in the history of medicine, since medieval times. (Special note: There have only been ineffective, temporary, honey & sugar suppressant and antitussive treatments — never mention of a “cure” on any US Government website, or anywhere else in the world. — EVER!) This is the non-productive [dry], repetitive cough that has spread cough aerosol droplet spray of influenza, virus and disease for thousands of years.

It is known that an infected person coughing during the day would create an aerosol spray of virus droplets; walk 10 feet and cough the aerosol spray droplets again. The child or adult can repeat the cough aerosol spray every day for 14 or more hours while awake. This is one way that deadly viruses, and in this case, seasonal influenza aerosol virus droplets can be efficiently spread. The peer reviewed and published Weinberger Procedure “by proxy” and via telemedicine, is the only no-cost, instant and permanent drug-free cure for this type of cough. It has been diagnosed HERE since 1685 as “Habitual [habit] Cough”. Dr. Weinberger’s cure is currently available everywhere in the world.

The YouTube documentary that instantly and permanently cures children and adults around the world.

Almost every day Dr. Weinberger, Bethany, and her parents, Jennifer and Dennis learn of distant, instant & permanent cures of children and adults with days, weeks, months, years, and yes, even decades of mystery horror cough from every corner of the world. Each of these cures is amazing in its own right, but some are so unbelievable and unexpected that all the members of Team Weinberger can do is shake their collective heads in amazement. They thank the doctors who now diagnose and refer their hopeless, helpless, suffering and forsaken patients to HabitCough.com and Dr. Weinberger’s Cough Cure Documentary HERE at YouTube. Dr. Weinberger charges no fee for his peer reviewed and published, drug-free, instant cure anywhere in the world.

Bethany’s “bunny day” was to become one of those particularly amazing days.

This is one of Dr. Weinberger’s most amazing stories. It was completely unexpected and unintended. It all happened because of a baby bunny that Bethany named Willow and a wonderful “bunny lady” named Susie.

Bethany was growing, and her wonderful self-discipline was being displayed with every “peer counseling” video call she made to children around the world, who were recovering from their habit cough. These motivational and educational calls were Dr. Weinberger’s brilliant idea. She was definitely taking ownership in the process. Dr. Weinberger was pleased with her tenacity and personal growth since she was cured from her habit cough in February 2019. Bethany’s vicious, mystery cough journey is detailed HERE.

Click HERE to view all of the instant and permanent cures from Habit Cough all around the world.

Dr. Weinberger, mommy and daddy were all very proud of Bethany.

She had been asking for a baby bunny rabbit for a long time. Bethany let her parents know that she had been studying all about the care of bunnies. Mommy told her that when she was a teenager, she had a Polish bunny named Fudgie. Since Bethany has been taking on many more responsibilities, they agreed that she could get her own pet bunny.

Jen and Dennis heard of a local “bunny lady” named Susie. Everyone they talked to said “Susie, the bunny lady,” was wonderful, and her bunnies were so well cared for.

After a couple of texts and emails, Jen wound up coordinating a day and time for Bethany to go and look at the new litter of baby bunnies that would be ready for adoption within weeks.

“Cure the cough and halt the spread of virus and disease via cough aerosol droplet spray.” — Bethany

Susie’s Bunny Farm

After Susie showed them around her bunny farm, it was time for Bethany to bond with a bunny that she wanted to take care of and give a forever home.

While Bethany was bonding with the bunnies, Dennis and Susie began to talk. With all of the bad news around, he asked if she would like to hear a “good news” story. Susie, sighed in agreement, and said, “yes”. The story was about Bethany being cured from her mystery 500,000 daytime horror coughs, and how the YouTube documentary video of Dr. Weinberger curing her was now spreading around the world curing other forsaken boys, girls and adults from habit cough.

Susie found the story very exciting. She said it certainly was good news for Bethany and the world.

Bethany found the bunny that she wanted to adopt. (Bethany says “… the bunny found me!”) They thanked Susie and left for home.

When they got home, Dennis’s phone rang, but he missed the call. He realized it was Susie, and he called her right back. He expected that they might have forgotten something at the bunny farm, and she was calling to let them know, but that was not what the call was about.

Susie said just as Bethany & daddy left her house, she immediately called her sister, Lizzy. She excitedly asked Lizzy the name of the little girl in the YouTube documentary that her son, Willie watched, to cure his vicious, “mystery cough” months before. Momentarily confused by such an obscure question, Lizzy announced, “… Bethany” and the doctor was named “… Weinberger”. Susie gasped.

“I just met Bethany” — Susie, The Bunny Lady

The bunny lady exclaimed to her sister, “I just met Bethany. She visited my bunny farm, to adopt a baby rabbit.” Lizzy thought that it was unusual, because she believed Bethany lived in San Diego, but, that is where Dr Weinberger lives. Susie informed her sister that Bethany lived less than 5 minutes away from her bunny farm near Annapolis, Maryland. Excited, Lizzy asked what Bethany was like in person? Susie said, “… she was sweet as an angel, and would make a wonderful bunny mommy!”

Dennis could not believe what Susie was telling him. Susie said that she just texted her sister’s phone number and that Dennis needed to call her immediately.

When Lizzy answered the phone, the first thing she heard was, “I’m Bethany’s father, Dennis!” Lizzy let out a gasp, and asked if he was really the father of Bethany. Dennis reassured her that he was.

Dennis told her that Willie’s information was not in Dr. Weinberger’s database of patients that he had cured. Lizzy said that she had never communicated with Dr. Weinberger, because everything happened so fast, and then Willie was back to his best life.

Lizzy went on to say that Willie’s horror cough was relentless and terrible. Willie had been to so many doctors, with procedures, diagnoses, tests, and medicine that did not work. She declared there was no reason for Willie’s cough. They wound up at a renowned medical center in Baltimore — where some of the world’s greatest doctors passionately treat & cure children and adults every day. They met with a wonderful pediatric pulmonologist who was baffled at Willie’s medically unexplained chronic cough. If he was baffled, then the entire pediatric and pulmonology staff was also. It is common for the most difficult, untreatable and hopeless cases to get a full review from any and every doctor and their colleagues. None reported a diagnosis, treatment, let alone a cure for Willie.

After Willie’s pediatric pulmonologist consulted with his colleagues, and reviewed all of his procedures, tests, and medications; all which were normal, he informed Willie’s parents that he was almost out of ideas. Then, a day or so later he contacted Willie’s parents and said that there was one last (but highly unusual ~ almost unbelievable) procedure they could try. Willie’s doctor knew that he slept through the night, only to begin coughing once awake — all day long. After reading Dr. Miles Weinberger research and his peer reviewed and published cure ‘by-proxy”, and via telemedicine, the doctor believed it would “cure” Willie’s cough. Lizzy had never heard the word “cure” before, with regard to her son’s cough. She had only heard “treat”, and “suppress”, but NEVER “cure”. But, like almost everyone else who found Dr. Weinberger cure “by proxy”, (via telemedicine) she and daddy were willing to try anything for their sweet child. They agreed to try Dr. Weinberger’s most unique procedure, because there was nothing else doctors could do for Willie. Mom, and dad (who is a dental surgeon) were justifiably skeptical but trusted their pediatric pulmonologist. Mom and dad understood that since all of Dr. Weinberger’s work had been peer reviewed and published since 1991, it had to be real. If it was known since 1991, why didn’t they tell them about it sooner. Then, the BIG question was, “… could all or just some of Willie’s horror cough be cured just by watching a documentary on YouTube?” Their pediatric pulmonologist was confident Willie would be completely cured. They trusted him before. They trust him now. The trust was well placed.

“Mystery Cough” Cure Documentary on YouTube

So, after months and months of Willie suffering from a vicious mystery cough, right at the onset of the Coronavirus (COVID-19), he sat down with mommy, daddy and a glass of water, to watch a YouTube documentary of Dr. Weinberger and a little “mystery cough” girl named Bethany.

As they began to view the documentary portion (prior to the curative session), the most incredible and unbelievable thing happened. Lizzy explained to Dennis that shortly into watching the video, Willie began to assimilate to Bethany’s problem with her mystery cough. He recognized that his cough was just like hers and that he too slept through the night only to begin coughing once awake. Willie was excited to know that he was not the only child with such a mystery cough. He no longer felt alone. Between coughs, a little smile appeared on his face. (Dr. Weinberger says that children AND adults seem to “bond” with Bethany in the YouTube documentary, due to their common mystery ailment.)

First photo of the perfect setup for an instant and permanent cure from months of habit cough. This is Austin, age 10 from Gallatin, Tennessee.

Mommy and Daddy had a big glass of water waiting for Willie (per Dr. Weinberger’s direction in the documentary). Willie asked if he should do what Bethany does while watching Dr. Weinberger treat her on the video. Mommy and daddy said for him to do every single thing that Bethany does, and then they remained completely silent. (They understood when Dr. Weinberger stated that the child would have to learn the procedure all by themselves and for the first time in the child’s life, mommy and daddy cannot help them. He says that their success is very self-rewarding.)

Lizzy told Dennis that within mere minutes, the most amazing thing started to happen. Almost instantly, and like turning off a light switch, Willie began to have a less intensive cough with a greater gap in between his coughs. With every tickle that preceded a cough, Willie, just like Bethany in the documentary, dutifully took a tiny sip of water (atop the tickle, and NOT atop the cough) and held his cough back — almost instantly breaking his habit cough. Mommy and daddy, as well as Willie were all in shock. It was working! They motioned for Willie to continue watching the video which he did. By the time in the YouTube documentary when Bethany’s cough was completely cured, so too was Willie’s vicious cough, once an incurable and undiagnosable mystery cough — cured!

Willie is cured from his mystery cough — by watching a YouTube documentary

After everything he went through, Willie was instantly cured from his mystery, vicious, horror cough, just by watching a YouTube documentary about Dr. Weinberger curing Bethany. For Willie, this meant, no more doctor office and Zoom video visits. No more medicine. (Willie was on numerous medications that Lizzy IMMEDIATELY halted!) No more invasive procedures. No more misdiagnoses. No more horror cough every waking moment. No more people staring at him and walking in the opposite direction. Willie was cured and in recovery to “cough ZERO”. Willie’s habit cough just stopped — like turning off a light switch.

Dennis asked Lizzy what their thoughts were after recognizing that their son had stopped coughing so instantaneously and decisively. Lizzy indicated that she and daddy were in complete shock, just like Dennis, Jennifer and Bethany were, when her cough was instantly halted after hearing the same curative words from Dr. Weinberger.

Dennis explained to mom and dad that he spoke to Dr. Weinberger, and he was very excited about Willie’s cure “by-proxy”. What made him especially thrilled, was the fact that a pediatric pulmonologist understood the simple habit cough diagnosis and told them about the YouTube documentary with Dr. Weinberger and Bethany at HabitCough.com. This curative referral came after all other medicine, diagnoses, tests and procedures failed to assist Willie. Dr. Weinberger was also proud of Willie’s parents for taking such an unwavering and relentless ownership in their child’s health communications, diagnosis, cure and recovery to “cough ZERO”.

Self-licking ice cream cone in rural and medically underserved areas of the world

Dr. Weinberger’s incredible story in The Daily Beast HERE

Click HERE for a great story about Dr. Weinberger in The Daily Beast.

This is more than Dr. Weinberger had hoped for. Dennis says that he is always working with Dr. Weinberger to make HabitCough.com into a “self licking ice cream cone”. The website is where doctors, parents, children and adult patients from everywhere in the world, in every language, can learn all about Dr. Weinberger’s 50 years of peer reviewed and published research, diagnosis, instant, permanent cure & recovery for medically unexplained chronic [and acute] cough known for over 320 years as habit cough.

Bethany is taking ownership as Team Weinberger is striving to get The Weinberger Procedure translated into all languages of the world. So far it is available in English, Spanish, German, Turkish and North Macedonian — with more translations on the way! This is part of their attainable goal to bring The Weinberger Procedure “by-proxy” (via the YouTube documentary) and via telemedicine, to every rural and medically underserved village, town, city, state, province and country on earth. By curing the medically unexplained [acute and] chronic cough, cough aerosol droplet spray of virus, influenza and disease is instantly and permanently halted in its tracks.


As important as Willie’s parents speaking and communicating with their doctor is, they understood that they could read Dr. Weinberger’s peer reviewed manuscripts, watch the video and communicate any questions or concerns that their child might have directly to their doctor. They told Willie that because he knows The Weinberger Procedure, he can now halt any future occurrences of acute or chronic cough — as long as he slept through the night only to begin coughing once awake. Dr. Weinberger says that children and adults might need to watch the video a few times to truly understand the concept. He reports that his procedure works with children as young as 3 years old and adults with decades of medically unexplained chronic [and acute] cough.

Dr. Weinberger also explains that parents and adult patients need to understand how important it is that they must communicate with their doctor to ensure their child; or they have no underlying comorbidities.

Willie’s parents were impressed that HabitCough.com had so much peer reviewed and published information about The Weinberger Procedure and Dr. Weinberger’s 50 years of fierce cough and asthma research.

Dennis slyly noted that Willie’s instant cure was not the only amazing part of this wonderful story.

Over a year ago, just after the YouTube documentary cures “by-proxy” and via telemedicine started coming in, Dr. Weinberger asked if Bethany could make “peer counseling” motivational video calls to children who were recovering from their habit cough. Dr. Weinberger has Bethany explain to the children that the habit cough recovery procedure with “… sips of water on the tickle that precedes the cough” is most important, and can last for days or weeks. She says this period of recovery to “cough ZERO” is normal and expected as the throat recovers — per Dr. Weinberger. Bethany says, “… it takes practice, practice, practice.” Dr. Weinberger proudly says that Bethany is the first real hero that most children can actually see and talk with, via video calls. Bethany has made video calls to countless children in countries around the world, sometimes with parents translating Bethany’s words to their child if they don’t understand English.

Willie is no different than the rest of the children. Bethany is his (and his family’s) hero. Willie couldn’t believe it when mommy said that he would meet Bethany on a Zoom call the same day that Bethany found her baby bunny at Aunt Susie’s bunny farm.

That evening, when Bethany and daddy were finishing up their wonderful Zoom call with mommy, daddy and, of course Willie, she made a special announcement that gave everyone the chills (Dr. Weinberger said, “…wow! Every day I am more amazed.” when he heard “… the rest of the story” — Paul Harvey.)

Bethany told Willie that 4 days prior, she told her mommy and daddy that the baby bunny from Aunt Susie bunny farm was to be named, “Willow”. Before the Zoom call, Bethany and daddy were searching the origin of the name Willow. They found the meaning of Willow, but was more exciting was they found out that a nickname for a person named Willow is indeed “Willie”, with the exact spelling of this now cured boy. This is indeed — “… the rest of the story”.

“Thank you Dr. Weinberger” was heard from everyone involved in the Zoom call.

Backstory on Dr. Weinberger’s research and cough cure.

With cough being one of the main reasons for initial doctor visits in children and adults around the world, The Weinberger Procedure, by-proxy, and via telemedicine, has found a welcoming home in pediatric, pediatric pulmonology, asthma, ENT, SLP, respiratory therapy, family practice, and adult doctors and specialty cough offices, clinics and hospitals around the world. Medical doctors & pulmonology specialists from renowned and esteemed medical centers from countries around the world, routinely refer their most dire, incurable child, adult & senior patients to HabitCough.com, when all else fails. They have referred their patients to Dr. Weinberger and his Chronic Cough Cure Documentary on YouTube.

“If not a cure; most certainly there is a government-approved treatment.” — Dennis

CDC: Treatment for Cough — Honey, Lozenges & Hard Candy

“Honey may be better than ‘no treatment’, diphenhydramine and placebo for the symptomatic relief of cough, but it is not better than dextromethorphan. None of the included studies assessed the effect of honey on ‘cough duration’ because intervention and follow-up were for one night only. There is no strong evidence supporting or against the use of honey.”

Amazingly, honey and sugar recipe variations were also considered treatment (not cure) for cough in medieval times dating back to the 9th century. Dennis researched in vain throughout history for some type of lost or little-known cough cure. Nope. Just honey or sugar, like today ~ and maybe some boiled down wine.

Note: Until now, in the history of medieval AND modern medicine, there has NEVER been a repeatable, instant, permanent cure for medically unexplained (acute or) chronic cough (MUCC). There has only been very ineffective sugar and honey “over the counter” (OTC) recipes for temporary suppression of cough, which have been almost unchanged since medieval times.

Dennis found Dr. Weinberger’s more recent editor requested submission from Lung Journal HERE. He presented this brilliant paper presented at the 3rd American Cough Conference, New York, NY, June 10, 2011. It helped lead to a new paradigm of curative treatment for Habit Cough in children and adults “by-proxy” and via telemedicine.)

Over-the-counter medicine and children

Per The CDC: Be careful about giving over-the-counter (OTC) medicines to children. Not all over-the-counter medicines are recommended for children of certain ages. (Especially dextromethorphan)

Cough and cold medicines:

Children younger than 4 years old: do not use unless a doctor specifically tells you to. Use of over-the-counter cough and cold medicines in young children can result in serious and potentially life-threatening side effects.

Children 4 years or older: discuss with your child’s doctor if over-the-counter cough and cold medicines are safe to give to your child for temporary symptom relief.

There have been many recipes for cough suppressants (honey, sugar & whiskey) — never a permanent cure until now. HERE

The CDC also directs people to:

“Offer adults a cough drop or hard [sugar] candy to soothe their throat and lessen the urge to cough.” (They are serious. There is NO recommendation for any specific OTC or prescription medicine.)

“Although treatment guidelines for chronic cough are available, they vary in their recommendations. There are no FDA-approved agents indicated specifically for chronic cough at this time, but medications such as inhaled corticosteroids and narcotic antitussives are frequently used for treatment, while speech and behavioral therapy have also been potential options.” — The American Journal of Managed Care (Note: No word match for “cure” or “cessation” concerning cough is found in this document.)


Note: Dennis scanned the globe via the Internet for local treatments or cures from other countries, and the world’s experts could do no better than the US Government with their honey, sugar lozenge, and cough drop recommendation. There was certainly not any peer-reviewed and published, non-pharmacologic, no cost, and replicable, instant & permanent cure for the daytime repetitive cough to be found.

Dr. Weinberger is well versed in the “honey” treatment recommended by the CDC. He co-authored a peer-reviewed and published manuscript titled:

“Nonprescription medications for respiratory symptoms: Facts and marketing fictions”

Alongside honey, his manuscript also included dextromethorphan, also known as DX, or DXM as a potential antitussive treatment (not a cure).

The graphic below from this manuscript compares honey, dextromethorphan, and “no treatment” in the temporary treatment (not a permanent cure) of refractory cough.

See the peer reviewed and published documentation HERE

Neither honey nor dextromethorphan provided a cure or even much of a temporary relief; especially on the second night — as noted above.

Dextromethorphan (DXM or DM) is not a cure for cough and is a severely limited antitussive.

Dextromethorphan (DXM or DM was patented in 1949 and approved for medical use in 1953.) is a medication most often used as a cough suppressant (not a permanent cure) in over-the-counter cold and cough medicines. It is sold in syrup, tablet, spray, and lozenge forms.

“Laboratory studies suggest that dissociative drugs, including PCP, ketamine, and DXM, cause their effects by disrupting the actions of the brain chemical glutamate at certain types of receptors — called N-methyl-D-aspartate (NMDA) receptors — on nerve cells throughout the brain.” (Morgan, 2012; Morris, 2005)

From Wikipedia, “It is in the morphinan class of medications with sedative, dissociation, and stimulant properties (at lower doses). Dextromethorphan possesses only a minimal degree of the mu-opioid activity typical of morphinan compounds and exerts its therapeutic effects through several other receptors. In its pure form, dextromethorphan occurs as a white powder.”

Very important: Unfortunately, DXM is also used recreationally. “When exceeding approved dosages, dextromethorphan acts as a dissociative hallucinogen. It has multiple mechanisms of action, including actions as a nonselective serotonin reuptake inhibitor and a sigma-1 receptor agonist. DXM and its major metabolite, dextrorphan, also block the NMDA glutamate receptor at high doses, which produces effects similar to other dissociative anesthetics such as ketamine, nitrous oxide, and phencyclidine (PCP), [and Salvia divinorum].”

Interesting note: It has been referenced (unverified) that DXM was successfully tested in 1954 as part of US Navy and CIA-funded research on nonaddictive substitutes for codeine as an antitussive.

Pharmacists have a front line role for The Weinberger Procedure HERE

Note: As declared above in Dr. Weinberger’s updated diagnosis, he now includes treatment recommendations for “acute” cough. We decided to include this updated diagnosis once again for context, and due to its importance and implications.

Updated to include “acute” meaning habit cough pattern identified earlier than 4 weeks by Dr. Weinberger on March 19, 2020. (Duplicated on purpose due to its importance.)

The repetitive barking cough that is not present once the patient is asleep is the diagnostic criteria.

The characteristics of the self-perpetuating Habit Cough is its repetitiveness and absence once asleep.

Once the patient meets the diagnostic criteria for Habit Cough, even while the repetitive cough is still considered acute, treatment with suggestion therapy is appropriate.

There is no need to wait until the cough is considered to be chronic.

Multiple patients report that knowledge of The Weinberger Procedure allows them to stop their future coughs during the acute period once diagnosis of Habit Cough has been met.

From: Acute cough: a diagnostic and therapeutic challenge

“The annual cost of OTC cough medicines in the USA is estimated to be in the several-billion-dollar range, despite a lack of efficacy for many of these medicines. In addition to the direct and indirect healthcare costs of acute cough, there is a significant morbidity with cough syndromes that imposes additional burdens and healthcare expenditures. Considering the high socioeconomic impact of reduced productivity associated with acute-cough syndromes, URTIs are one of the most common reasons for work and school absenteeism, and there is a cascade of productivity losses by caregivers when a child is sick.”

Forty thousand stacks of 1 million dollars equals “forth thousand million” dollars

A study to quantify the cost of viral respiratory tract infections in the USA found that when survey results of 4,051 respondents who experienced cough in the past year were extrapolated to the population, the total economic burden approaches $40 billion annually (2009). This includes $17 billion in direct healthcare resource (medications, medical services) costs and $22.5 billion in indirect costs (productivity losses), per year.

Acute Cough — Does Anything Help? (Yes!)

“Unfortunately, the majority of therapies available are currently recommended based on historical practice rather than on scientific evidence.” — Emily M. Ambizas, PharmD, MPH, BCGP

Pharmacists are often consulted by patients regarding the selection of OTC products for the management of cough. Most acute coughs are caused by a viral respiratory infection and are usually self-limiting. In some cases, a cough may be indicative of a more serious complication, and pharmacists need to be aware of symptoms that warrant referral for further evaluation. Unfortunately, the majority of therapies available are currently recommended based on historical practice rather than on scientific evidence.& “There is also some evidence that honey may reduce the duration of cough, especially in children. A Cochrane review demonstrated that honey may relieve cough symptoms more than no treatment, diphenhydramine, and placebo, but it has not been shown to be better than DXM. Honey, however, should not be recommended in infants younger than age 12 months because of the high risk of botulism.” & “Acute cough is one of the most common symptoms to affect patients, especially after a URTI. Pharmacists are ideally positioned to educate patients about the occurrence of cough, its duration, and the efficacy of the current available treatments. — Emily M. Ambizas, PharmD, MPH, BCGP

Dennis noted, from his parental experience:

“Pharmacists, even prior to a doctor visit, are easily the first healthcare professionals that parents and patients communicate with when their child, or they have an unexplained, daytime, repetitive, cough. Your pharmacist has the knowledge to educate you that OTC cough suppressants provide very little or no efficacy for acute and chronic, repetitive, daytime, cough in children and adults. This knowledge is from multiple referenced peer-reviewed and published publications. None of these peer-reviewed and published manuscripts provides a cure (except for Dr. Weinberger’s). Your pharmacist might easily be the best medical professional to offer initial knowledge of The Weinberger Procedure cure by-proxy, and via telemedicine, and Dr. Weinberger’s peer-reviewed and published work referenced at www.HabitCough.com. Your pharmacist might even educate the parent or patient that they can print and discuss his peer-reviewed and published work with their medical doctor prior to any diagnosis and invasive treatment.”

Dennis’ parental perspective is:

“Pharmacists, as well as front line medical providers who encounter patients with this most common acute and chronic medical concern, should soon universally and easily recognize the Habit Cough based on the unique diagnostic characteristics and avoid excessive and unnecessary testing and medicinal trials. This is much like they do with other common and easily treatable illnesses and concerns.”

As an option to recommending ineffective and risky, over-the-counter (OTC) cough medications,

Dennis hopes they will begin embracing a new paradigm that dramatically improves patient care in a face-to-face, frontline pharmacist, and medical provider environment. The best part is that The Weinberger Procedure ends the suffering of their patients with a drug free and no-cost method everywhere in the world.

Annapolis, Maryland 2019

Epilogue and future of The Weinberger Procedure — by-proxy, and via telemedicine, instant and permanent cure for acute and chronic habit cough

Dr. Weinberger writes: “Habit Cough causes considerable morbidity, including well-intentioned iatrogenesis, unneeded testing, unnecessary medication, and even hospitalization. Several variations of suggestion are well documented as curative for habit cough. The current unanticipated and unintended observations reported in 3 children and 2 adults demonstrate further the amenability of habit cough to suggestion. The clinical characteristics of habit cough are sufficiently distinct that the diagnosis can be made by the typical history of a repetitive harsh, barking, or honking cough, occurring up to several times per minute, that is absent once asleep. No testing is needed for diagnosis, and no medications are needed for treatment. Knowledge and skillful interaction with the patient are the tools for diagnosing and treating this disorder.” & “The bottom line is that allergists and immunologists or pulmonologists who encounter these patients should recognize the disorder based on the unique clinical characteristics and avoid excessive and unnecessary testing and therapeutic trials. The diagnosis should not be one of default after excluding all other causes of CC. That approach only adds to further quality-of-life impairment. The clinical characteristics of Habit Cough are sufficiently recognizable that a diagnosis is generally possible based on a history and physical examination.”

From Patient Worthy — Dr. Weinberger states that he has provided the information about habit cough and its simple treatment to others in his field through a list-serve used by pediatric pulmonologists. Unfortunately, primary care physicians may still be unaware of the habit cough. As a result, these children are often referred to otolaryngologists and neurologists who also are not knowledgeable about habit cough. That results in excessive diagnostic procedures and trials of medication. This causes delays and causes suffering for the patient and family. Dr. Weinberger asks, “If the parents can go to the web and find out about habit cough, then why couldn’t the doctor?”

Bethany writes: “Nothing could make my 500,000 refractory, medically unexplained, chronic coughs stop — or even slow down. I coughed all day, from the minute I awoke, but slept through the night. Dr. Miles Weinberger, MD, diagnosed me with Habit Cough. He taught me how to instantly and permanently cure my Habit Cough. My daddy filmed it, and now the video of Dr. Weinberger rescuing me is instantly and permanently curing forsaken children and adults all around the world from their chronic Habit Cough, in their own language. If I can do it, you can do it too! My favorite part is that it also cured me of an acute cough over 6 months later. I hope to help Dr. Weinberger bring The Weinberger Procedure by-proxy, and via telemedicine, to all of the rural and medically underserved areas of the world — in their own language.” — Bethany Buettner, age 14.

Bethany’s father, Dennis writes: “Few medical doctors in history can be pointed to, who have achieved this level of instantaneous and permanent, curative medicine for such a relentless and vicious acute and chronic & incurable cough after all else failed. Even fewer people have witnessed a successful medical procedure so astounding — and memorialized it on video. Dr. Miles Weinberger, MD, instantly and indeed, permanently cured our daughter of refractory, medically unexplained acute and chronic cough. I filmed it, or even I would not even believe what I saw! Now, our daughter Bethany’s ‘miracle’ Weinberger Procedure — for acute and chronic cough diagnosed as habit cough cure by-proxy, and via telemedicine, is available to permanently cure adults and children. It is free, and non-pharmacologic in their own language; everywhere; especially rural and medically underserved areas around the world, via YouTube documentary video. This is Dr. Weinberger’s gift to the hopeless, helpless, forsaken and lost everywhere. The world medical community will soon take a collective pause at this new paradigm in curative medicine, and then applaud Dr. Miles Weinberger, MD, Board certified Allergist and Pediatric Pulmonologist for his fierce and relentless acute and chronic cough research. This is his long hoped for, but unexpected and unintended, medical mystery cure discovery. The world will call it, ‘The Weinberger Procedure by-proxy’.” (and via telemedicine) — Dennis Buettner

Thank you: Bethany’s family, the authors & editors (AC) wish to note and acknowledge that Dr. Weinberger has worked with terrific & dedicated colleagues over the years who have provided invaluable assistance. Our praise is for him, and these heavy-lifters. Because of their past, present and future diligence and fierce determination, we claim them as “Protectors of the Forsaken Children and Adults Around the World”. They each should be able to sleep well at night, for they have done their best to bring the weakest, most vulnerable, and forsaken back to their best lives. For this relentless dedication and fortitude, the world will be eternally grateful.​

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Important note: Dr. Weinberger believes that Habit Cough recovery is THE most important part of The Weinberger Procedure by-proxy, and via telemedicine. Dennis, who now assists Dr. Weinberger with patient outreach, states that many parents report variations on their child’s recovery to achieve “cough ZERO”. The takeaway is that the recovering patient should, “practice, practice, practice”. They’re taking a TINY sip of water “atop the tickle” that precedes the cough or throat clear. Do not sip water atop the cough or throat clear. As with Bethany, Dr. Weinberger says that the throat must heal from all of the coughing. He has noted that recovery to “cough ZERO” varies and some patients might need to watch The Weinberger Procedure by-proxy video numerous times. He also states that the patient must keep their opened water bottle with them at all times as a reminder.

Important note: Dr. Weinberger’s ultimate goal is that parents and adults will communicate about the cure by-proxy, and via telemedicine with their doctors around the world. Medically unexplained, acute, and chronic cough is a main reason for doctor office visits around the world. Dr. Weinberger’s desire is that his US and worldwide colleagues understand and utilize his simple diagnostic criteria and treatment procedure for this vicious cough. “The characteristics of the self-perpetuating Habit Cough is its repetitiveness and absence once asleep. Once the patient meets the diagnostic criteria for Habit Cough, even while the repetitive cough is still considered acute, treatment with suggestion therapy [The Weinberger Procedure by-proxy, or via telemedicine] is appropriate.”

Disclaimer: Dr. Weinberger’s desire is ALWAYS for parents and adult patients to communicate with their doctors about their medical concerns. In this story, parents communicated with their renowned pediatric pulmonologist in Baltimore, Maryland, USA. He made the proper diagnosis and told his 8 year old male patient, Wille, to follow Dr. Weinberger’s instructions in his curative YouTube cough cure documentary for Bethany. This is Willie and his family’s incredible story, but contains ABSOLUTELY NO MEDICAL ADVICE at all. Contact your doctor for any diagnosis and treatment of your illness or disease. Your results will certainly vary, but this is between you and your doctor. To think that this story contains any medical advice is wrong and to do so would be unwise. Contents and utilization of this story’s content is bound by the disclaimer located HERE.

Sad update: We joyfully brough Willow home with her sister Stormy. They had a wonderful day playing and hopping around. Suzie did explain to us that Willow was noticeably small for her age. She said that it was hoped that Willow would have a long life. Unfortunately, tragedy struck at 1:45 in the morning on December 21, 2020.

Willow began to have petite and then grand mal seizures. Bethany held her gently in her arms; stroking her head and remaining calm. Sadly Willow did not recover from the seizures and passed away about 1:50 in the morning. Dennis buried Willow and literally as he tapped the last shovel of dirt atop the cardboard box coffin, a ding was heard. The Mandarin Chinese translation of The Weinberger Procedure had just arrived for 1,400,000,000 native speakers. She was a good bunny. Fortunately, Suzie had another of Willow’s sisters available to adopt. This bunny is named Meadow. She runs and jumps with Stormy. They are very happy. Bethany’s sadness subsided after about a week.

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