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By Dennis & Bethany Buettner with CJ Ross

His Dogged and Determined Medical Team Referred, Willie ~ the Boy Whose Incurable Cough Just Wouldn’t Stop — and He Was Instantly & Permanently Cured, Simply by Watching a YouTube Documentary on

There was no cure; let alone a diagnosis for 8 year old Willie’s unstoppable, vicious, mystery, chronic cough. When all medicine, procedures and treatment failed, his pediatric pulmonologist referred Willie to Dr. Weinberger’s “cure by-proxy,” YouTube documentary on Willie’s parents were wonderfully shocked & amazed when he was instantly, and permanently cured from his nightmare of a “mystery cough”, in mere minutes — just by watching the documentary.

Yes, Willie was literally cured, just by watching Dr. Weinberger’s cure “by-proxy” YouTube documentary video.

Everyone coughs — as they have for tens of thousands of years. Cough aerosol spray droplets spread deadly influenza, virus and disease. Until now, there has never been a repeatable, peer reviewed and published, permanent cure by-proxy, available, for free, everywhere in the world.

“Unfortunately, the majority of [acute cough] therapies available are currently recommended based on historical practice rather than on scientific evidence.” — Emily M. Ambizas, PharmD, MPH, BCGP (Note: There is NO mention of a permanent cure.)

“In the United States, cough is the most common complaint for which patients seek medical attention and is the second most common reason for a general medical examination, accounting for more than 26 million office visits annually.” Diagnosis is essential for effective treatment.Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (US); 2013 Jan.

Preparing for a New Era in Chronic Cough Management:

Cough is the…

Refractory Unexplained Chronic Cough (RUCC) Diagnosed as the Habit Cough Syndrome Can Be Instantly & Permanently Cured in Minutes ~ or Even Seconds, In Children and Adults ~ Simply by Watching a YouTube Documentary Video By Dr. Miles Weinberger, MD

All pertinent medical research has been peer reviewed and published since 1694.
by Dennis & Bethany Buettner with CJ Ross

A daughter, daddy & doctor’s special mission to bring rural and medically underserved areas & populations of the world a repeatable, permanent, instant, non-pharmacologic cure and eradicate medically unexplained chronic cough (MUCC), diagnosed as Habit Cough since 1694. This vicious & relentless chronic cough is present only during awake hours. These frequent, barking, post-viral coughs can linger for days, months, years, and even decades (in some) and are easily identified by their repetitiveness and absence once asleep.

Dennis Buettner

Husband, father, medical researcher, grand master sushi chef, headmaster, producer, director, visionary, loopholer, friend to all; happy!

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